Friday, 2 December 2011

CK Pretties....

I thought I would share with you what I spent my saved up pocket money on at the Cath Kidston store when I was in Manchester the other day. Though I think you may like some pretty photographs of the shop first perhaps. I can be a little fickle over CK. Sometimes, I just can't get enough of it and then at times I find it can be a bit too sugary sweet etc. Though especially at Christmas, oh boy, I just can't get enough of all those pretty things, so cheerful, colourful and utterly lovely.

I fell in love with this wallpaper....

Oh and this little chair....

I could have had a little rest here, not sure about the company though....

So, what came away with me? More pretty wrapping paper....

Oh and some tissue for the *special * gifts....

And a pack of their charity christmas cards....

Christmas gift ideas....

Oh and don't we all have to have a special Christmas mug at Christmas ;)

I have already used the floral candle holder, and popped one one my CK candles in it that were a gift from my mum....

Am all intened to give these Provence Rose ( one of my most favourite prints ) tea towels as a gift, though am quite tempted to keepsie ;)

I have got plans to make a pretty lining for this bag.....

And I had to bring this little reindeer decoration home with me...sooooo cute :)

So that was my little haul, and have to say all pocket money well and truly spent!

Oh by the way have to share the cushion too, bought from Tesco for a song, I know there are so many *LOVE* cushions out there, but this one really took my fancy....

And I guess we all need a little love in our lives....



  1. Oh wow! I'm not At alll jealous of your gorgeous new CK goodies..!
    I'm trying to save the pennies at the minute, so I'm avoiding even going into the Cath Kidston shop in town!

    Ashley xxx

  2. Dear Mary this post made me smile...
    I have bought Cath Christmas mugs for our camper van this year.... & a few of those bags, to fill with pretties for pressies.
    I think you will be proud of me!


  3. All very lovely, I am off to Bath wednesday so will enjoy buying a little something from CK for myself! x

  4. Lovely Mary!

    I treated myself to the bird decoration while there the other day!
    They said they were selling like hot cakes!
    My sis wants the same one as we are going back there soon....hope there are some left!


  5. Wow, your mug collection looks remarkably similar to mine :D Except I don't have that gorgeous CK mug! I was umming and ahhing over it on the 15% off day.... Wish I had gone for it instead! It will be in my collection very soon though thanks to this blog! Love it!

  6. Lovely lovely Cath Kidston things... they cannot fail to make you smile! Really like the Christmas mug might have to invest in one of those... Sarah x

  7. Love all those goodies. Know what you mean about CK - can be overload sometimes. So want that wallpaper on the stairs! Cath

  8. I just bought the candle holder and candles for myself while ordering a couple of presents. I also ordered the Chritmas labels but they were missing from my parcel :( wish I had ordered the wrapping paper now I've seen your lovely photos
    Sue x


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