Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve....

From my little corner of the world I wish you a very safe, warm and happy christmas....

I love christmas, especially having a young family, it brings me so much joy to see the excitement in their faces on Christmas Eve, and reminds me of the anticipation and excitement I had as a child. I couldn't help but share these words about children and love which I find very inspirational. Sometimes it is not easy being a parent, especially at Christmas when there may be so much pressure and the need to give our children what they want. I have learn't this giving as such doesn't have to be of the materialistic kind, yes, my children shall be unwrapping one or two presents on Christmas Day, but personally I belive the greatest gift you can give them is love....

Merry Christmas one and all....



  1. Have a lovely day with your sweet family Mary....Merry Christmas!x

  2. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas, and your new little dog loves it too. Merry Christmas. Hugs Jenny x

  3. Have a lovely Chrsistmas and a wonderful 2012 x x x x

  4. Merry Christmas for the states. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa


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