Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why I Always Remember The 5th Of November....

Happy 10th birthday to my most wonderful, and precious Miss. Poppins. You inspire me each and every day to be a better person, and I am so proud of you....

It makes me so happy that you love learning, reading and indeed school so very much, in fact you hate to miss a day off school. You have a real passion for writing and I know you shall go on to follow your heart and achieve all your dreams, whatever they may be. You are so much braver than your mummy, and even as ex cabin crew, you would never find me going up in one of these little ones.... Whereas you just love every second of it! Perhaps you shall encourage me to go up one day....

Like me, you love to sit on the beach, read a book and take in all your surroundings....

If I was your little brother I would feel so lucky to have you as my big sister, and I know there is your other very special little brother looking down on you today, smiling and sending you floaty kisses. More than anything I am so proud of your wonderful ability to empathise with others and take into account their feelings.... Happy Birthday sweetheart, we all love you so very, very much....



  1. Wowzers Miss Poppins is soooo brave to fly.

    Happy birthday to Miss Poppins!

    Leah x

  2. Special days! Miss Poppins is indeed brave to fly in so small a plane. She is also brave to perform to the cameras.

  3. awwwwww they are so super cute! i love the little video of them singing,just gorgeous to watch.
    Happy Birthday Miss Poppins may your 10th year be filled with much love and happiness xxxxx

  4. Happy birthday to Miss Poppins, I hope she's had a wonderful day. What a lovely post, and a delightful little video.

  5. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Miss Poppins!

  6. A day too late, but I would still like to congratulate Miss Poppins.
    Have a nice Sunday

  7. Happy birthday to your brave daughter. My son had a flying lesson like this one for his 13th, I went up as a passenger - scary as I am afraid of heights! incredibly noisy but absolutely fantastic! Bettyx

  8. Happy birthday to Miss Poppins x hope your day was filled with lovely things and happy memories xx

  9. Aww! Happy belated birthday to her!


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