Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's A Tea Towel Thing....

We all know I have a thing for tea towels so when I was asked by the team at All Tea Towels if I would like to choose a couple of tea towels from their delicious website to try out, of course I couldn't resist. They have such a big range on there, and found it very hard to choose. So I got little Miss. Poppins to help me out and I let her choose one for herself. As we are a family who don't own a dishwasher, and all washing dishes duties are done by hand, I think it may encourage her to help out with drying the dishes a little more if she has her very own tea towel. Of course I knew she would want to choose something animal related, and wasn't at all surprised when she opted for this cute white terrier tea towel....

I have to say it has done the trick and she happily helps out when I call her to help me with the dishes. These are really good, high quality tea towels, I have been very impressed, and they wash really well too. When it came to me having a little choose for my very own tea towel, being the old romantic I am, and having honeymooned in wonderful Paris, I went for this pretty number....

Oh my, I just love it and whilst drying my pretty dishes am taken back to happy memories of a snow covered Paris, and walking hand in hand with my new husband along the Champs Elysées.... So if you are thinking of bringing a touch of tea towel magic into your kitchen , I would say this lovely website is well worth a visit.



  1. I could do with some new tea towels. Hubby will insist on using my tea towels as oven gloves and ends up scorching them. I should add that I have two pairs of oven gloves in my kitchen so he has no excuse. I love Miss Poppins choice of tea towel, so cute.

  2. Love the choices in tea towels you have made. It reminds me of my Gran who has collected tea towels all her life from all the different places she has visited. Next time I visit her I shall ask to see her collection.

    Leah x

  3. do you know I am always in need of tea towels and never buy anything pretty - I think I may treat myself!

  4. I am really tempted to order some, as shipment is really cheap! Thank you for the heads up!

  5. Oh thank you for this, these are lovely teatowels and will be featuring in some Christmas stockings this year!

  6. There sure is a Fab range of kicthen essentials about at the moment.Little Miss Poppins has great style the dog is a cutie :)


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