Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Happy Days....

Today has turned out to be a happy day. Although at first it was a day I was building myself up to with fret and worry. It was the day of Master Poppins' check up heart scan to see all was well after his cardiac ballooning when he was three months old and, as he was a very premature baby, a little over 7lbs in weight. I was so proud of how good he was during the scan....

 And happily all is well. Although his cardiologist would have like to have discharged him, there is a little leakage which is common with the procedure he had when he was a baby, so he shall be keeping his eye on him until he is 18. So, we shall be back again in 3 years for his next check up, but I have been assured he is as fit as any 5 year old, can do competitive sports, has a lovely, healthy colour to his skin, and I know I need not fret or worry. But hey us parents, it is par for the course I guess. I am just so very grateful that clever cardiologist man, whose arm you can see there fixed my son and I can never ever thank him enough.

So as we were all in happy spirits we trundled off to Manchester...We were all going to go on The Wheel though two of us backed out ;)

So we mooched around the Christmas Markets The Poppins children loved this sparkly little stall....( and I did ;)

 I had to have a little spend of my pocket money here....

Of course I am sure you would just be bored silly with my sharing what I bought....;)

Hope you all had happy days too....



  1. Now you know we won't be bored!!! Come on, give it up, please.
    Congratulations on the result of the heart scan for Master Poppins. That really is good news.

  2. So good that your boy is being monitored regularly, glad for you that he is ok. Join me and other bloggers for our Childlike Christmas posts, I think you would enjoy them.

  3. Amazingly good news that your boy is doing well. What great Christmas news!
    I kinda get your concern as my husband has finally got the all clear with his ECG results after a very worrying time!
    It's amazing the devastating scenarios you play over and over in your head before the results isn't it!


  4. Hi Mary,

    The patchwork wallpaper is £5 per have to phone them and pay for it that way, no P&P to pay and it comes in a cardboard tube!

    Hope this helps....


    P.s....the markets were fab and I so wanted to buy up most of the CK shop too!

  5. Great news children can be such a worry at the best of times, and now you can sit back and enjoy one of those rare moments in life when you can relax x

  6. Yay for him being ok :D

    Sounds like a lovely day and what a gorgeous shot of the wheel!


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