Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tilda Book Review & A Pretty Make....

Not long ago, I was sent the new book from Tonne Finnanger called Tilda's Studio to review, I have had a little play, and here is what I thought if it....

The latest book in the Tilda range, has over 50 design projects including cushions, accessories, home décor, jewellery and bags. There are cute characters such as giraffes, elephants, and of course the infamous Tilda angels to create. The colours are what appealed to me most in this book, ranging from pretty shades of pink and red, right through to splashes of teal green and purple. Very pretty! There is a lovely chapter inspired by Tonne's Grandma's china and the combination of new and old, in the chapter you shall find little cupcake angels and ideas for table arrangements.... 

It of course has to be said Tonne's designs are truly beautiful, inspiring and pretty to look at. I have many of the Tilda Books, and adore the Tilda fabrics and would probably go out and purchase her next book should there be one out in the future....BUT and it is quite a big but for me, I do find those paragraph written instructions on the more complex designs a little difficult to follow/understand when it comes to making up the projects. Of course it could be me, and I am just a numpty, though I am well used to following tutorials for making hand crafted items and there are definitely tutorials that are easier for me to understand and there are those that are not. As someone who enjoys making up her own handmade ideas, I have scrapbooks full of my own VERY simply written projects and I think as a reader of craft books, without wanting to patronise the advanced sewer, the simpler the better is always the way to go. Clearly written pointer step by step instructions along with photographs to accompany the project are always a winner in my eyes. Of course there shall be many who find the Tilda instructions a doddle, and perhaps I am being picky, but for me this is a coffee table book, it looks pretty, has wonderfully inspiring photographs ( if in my opinion a little dark, me being picky again perhaps ) and I think a super book to dip in and out of for craft inspiration. I like to take a bit of that project and little of that and kind of make something my own. I love the bird cage project and shall certainly be having a go at that when time allows....         

And the hats are so cute, Miss. Poppins would love one of these....

As for me, I have fallen in love with this pretty belt, very me....

Of course I had to have a go at a little something and thought I would make my version of a Tilda head band for Miss. Poppins. I love making flowers and to be honest they are quite easy to do, a basic running stitch on a length of folded fabric and then gathered. I really like the leaf detail too....  

I covered one of Miss Poppins many headbands she already has in a pretty fabric and then attached the floral rose to it and voila! I have left it on her bed to find and I love more than anything making little handmade treats for her and hope she likes it....

So for me, a very, very pretty book with lots of inspiration and at a fantastic price, so you do get a lot of inspiration for your money. If you have this book I would love to know what you think of it. At the end of the day I really can't resist a pretty book, and this is certainly one of them!



  1. It looks a lovely book , i too have a few tilda books all very inspiring ,i to find some tutorials quite difficult to follow , i prefer easy straight forward instructions especialy with pictures which i find are easier to follow xthankyou for showing the lovely book offx

  2. I have this book and it is very pretty. I have most of the other Tilda books too. I find some of the materials used hard to source for the projects.
    The Tilda books are lovely to sit and flick through.

  3. I love the Tilda books too (I have a Tilda witch giveaway on my blog actually, dont know if you saw it).
    I do agree about the instructions. I usually skim read and end up 'winging it' because I forget where I was. I think bullet point instructions would be so much easier to follow. Maybe she feels it would make it less pretty to look at, I dont know. I may still have to get it though, since they didnt send me one. tee hee

  4. The headband you've made is very pretty, your daughter will love it.

  5. I've just found your blog and am glad I did. I scrolled down to have a read and saw your picture with the lovely Tim, and realised I saw that episode of Bargain Hunt, and really enjoyed it because you were so lovely! I love Tilda books and making her angels/dolls. Hand sewing is such a calming thing to do. Have a great day, Em x

  6. I have a lot of the Tilda books, I enjoy looking at them, but there are far better books that explain the techniques and patterns better for my money. I will not buy more of hers because I am a beginner and her instructions are too scanty for a dodo like beautiful they are, but not too practical for a beginner.

  7. These books are a joy to look at, even if you don't sew (like me).
    Thanks for the review.


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