Thursday, 27 October 2011

My New Pink Shoes....

Can anyone tell me why, when a woman, no matter how many pairs of shoes she has tucked away in wardrobes and cupboards, she NEVER has enough?? When I saw these pretty pink shoes with a little heel, did I think of all those I have at home already? No, of course I didn't. However as a keen shopper for bargains, at a sale price of £5.00 I thought these a rather inexpensive treat....Are you like me, a shoe-a-holic?

I almost skipped out of the shop wearing them....



  1. very pretty but im not a shoe-a holic. I wont say no to a new handbag though!

  2. CUTE!!!!! Yes I am a shoe-a-holic too lol. Have worked in a shoestore for over 13 yrs. Closde to the fire and had many, MANY shoes...and I *needed* each and every pair ofcourse :) Same with them

  3. Those shoes will certainly brighten up a dreary autumn day!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Such a pretty colour :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I always say "Oooh" when I see a nice pair of shoes or boots & yes, it doesn't matter how many pairs we have, one more pair is always necessary!


  6. Your name-sake had a pair of pink shoes in this shade!
    I didn't think I was a shoe-a-holic but the fact I have a HUGE number of pairs in my house seems to deny this- eek!

  7. They are just so pretty!
    Afraid I am not a shoe-a holic, simply because I find it so hard to find shoes that fit and are comfortable - plus I am just not a heels person!

  8. £5 - what a bargain! I love shoes and I love a bargain. :) I struggle with finding comfortable shoes, but at £5 I'd take them home just to enjoy looking at them!

    Did you ask to wear them home, and have your old ones wrapped up in a bag, like in the old days?!

  9. oooh! So pretty! And definitely a bargain! I'm the same with shoes, I just love them!


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