Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Experience Of The Mad Blog Awards....

So, last Friday I attended The MAD's ( which celebrate's what's brilliant about British mummy and daddy bloggers ) organised by the very efficient Sally and an award ceremony was taking place to crown the winners. More than 50,000 nominations and votes were received and I was very honored to have made it as a finalist in the craft category. Craft is in reality quite a small facet of this blog so I was very flattered that people took the time to vote. The event which took place at the Talk Talk customer experience centre in Soho, and who along with Parentdish were the main sponsors of the event, was built up to be a very glittery affair, and certainly not one to be missed. Having somewhat of an *effervescent* personality and who loves new situations, and meeting new people I was very eager to attend, however, I was of course a little nervous, but I like to taste life, and experience all it has to offer so along I of course went. When I arrived at Euston I was met by two bloggers, Lindy  and Nickie and we made our way together to the lovely hotel

Then it was a quick drop of bags, and we made our way to a little tapas bar around the corner ( or at least we thought it was ;) along with my lovely room mate Merry for a little bite to eat and there I met the lovely LouiseHeather, and Adele. It is so nice to meet other bloggers, sometimes blogging for me, can feel quite a solitary thing, tapping away to a screen, but meeting all these very talented people, makes you realise how truly big blogging is. Is there anyone out there that doesn't blog ;) So after a bite to eat it was back to the hotel, a quick get changed and onwards to the event. There was a little confusion over tickets, I ( being the ditsy thing I am ) had left my ticket in my room, and was thinking they shall know who I am, and I shan't be abandonded at the entrance, however I decided to be a good girl and make my way back up to get it. Once back down, many of the troops had gone and was all alone in London ( ahhhhhhh ) Then some very sassy women, who included Jane  and a different  Heather came to my aid and I popped in their taxi ( thanks gals ) So, we all got there safe and sound and here is the very lovely dress I ended up choosing from TKMaxx who, I was very thankful too for dressing me for the evening.

The front....

The back....

And on me....

And one of my favourite's taken by the lovely Violet Posy....

I loved the TKMaxx bag too....

As for awards, I didn't win, though hand on heart knew I wouldn't, and I can't really remember the last time I got all crafty with an egg carton ;) But who did win was the very, very crafty Red Ted Art and a very worthy winner too :) As they say tis not the winning....All the finalists are winners of a sort, and here they all are....

Of course a girl can pretend....

Thanks to Tom for letting me borrow his award he got for best baby blog, and congratulations too on becoming a dad to be again Tom. I had a lovely time, met some lovely people, even had a go at karoke....Please see beyond the technical hitches, we were actually rather good ;)) If you want a nose feel free to have a look here. I especially connected to Jane who also happened to be a finalist in the same craft category as me and we can't wait to meet up again, and we found out through our chatter....

that we only live about 7 miles away from each other....

Jane or I did not partake in any vino, though I think we are both quite extrovert in nature so we were more than happy to play the fool at times....

Soon it was time to say our goodbyes and we all headed of back to various hotels etc, for me I was ready for my bed, though after a long olde, lovely chat with Merry didn't enter the land of nod till well past 3. In the morning, after my hearty breakfast I headed of for a little walk before catching my train back home. It was lovely....

So I boarded the train, and couldn't wait to see my little Poppins again. Of course I was a little shocked to find one certain little Poppins with a fractured wrist on my return but that is another story....



  1. Loved the dress, gorgeous colour. Glad you had a good time and well done.

  2. You look gorgeous! what a beautiful dress and love the little bag too,
    Hope little Poppins is not in too much pain xxx

  3. What a pleasure it was to meet you and share some Tapas (and a drink) or 2!

    Your dress was sensational and hopefully our blogging paths will cross again x

    Lou x

  4. The dress is gorgeous, great choice, it looks lovely on you. Sounds like you had a right ball xxxx

  5. oh,oj, that was a not so perfect ending of a perfect day. I hope master Poppins is o.k.
    BTW you look lovely in the dress.

  6. Oh mary, so very pleased for you that you had a lovely time & you looked stunning too....

    What a shame about Master Poopins though - ouch!


  7. Oooh what an interesting post. I clicked away merrily at all your links and watched your Karaoke video!! Wow, aren't you brave. You had such a good time, didn't you. Thank you for sharing it with us. Congratulations on getting to the final of one of the craft sections. You deserved that!
    Love the dress and the bag.
    Now I'm worried about your little Poppins. Will look out for your next post :)

  8. Seeing the picture of you in your dress I remember seeing you on the night, I wish I had known who you were, would loved to have had a chat. It was a fab night wasn't it. xx
    so sorry to hear about little poppins do hope he/she is ok xx

  9. Was SO lovely to meet you on the night - definitely the highlight of the evening! Can't wait to catch up soon to further our karaoke career :) xxxx

  10. Oh you look soo beautiful! That was DEFINITELY the best dress of all the choices!!!


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