Friday, 21 October 2011

I Am In Love With My Bicycle....

I thought I would share ( as I know many of you are vintage lovers like me ) my original 1949 gorgeous vintage Rudge Whitworth bicycle. I love it! I adore it!

I have ridden it and she really does ride like a dream, all I need now is a little puppy for the original basket....

I love the *hand built* hand icon on the crank, a symbol of Rudge's pride in craftmanship....

Oh and the basket, did I tell you I love it....

Reeeeeeally love it....

Think of all the fruit and vegetables  pretties I can get in there. Again the classic R symbol for authenticity....

She really does suit me and I think we shall become great friends, as someone who hasn't ( embarrassed icon ) rode a bike regularly for many, many years I know she is going to bring me much joy, going out on her....

The saddle is so comfy, and can't wait to make a pretty removable cover for it....

There are 3 working gears, which happily I can cope with....

I don't know as yet whether I should touch the paintwork up here and there, or leave her well alone. It really is a beauty and in fine fettle. The tyres may need replacing soonish, but shall hopefully look after her well and  not take her on too much of a bumpy ride! I do feel a little like this lady when I am riding her, and feel like I have to get dressed up for the occasion....

A truly lovely bicycle, that I feel very proud to own....

I hope you like it as much as I do....



  1. Yes what a great bike - does she have a name? I bet she is lovely and comfy to ride with that sensible saddle.

  2. Oooh it's fabulous, what a find.
    Hen x

  3. What a beauty! I'd leave the paintwork if it does no harm as it adds to the charm of it.

  4. I LOVE IT - now go and listen to Queen -Bicycle!

  5. My hubby learned to ride on a pre-war Rudge at the age of 32 in a friend's back garden. Hiis present bike is rather more modern!

  6. mm how great! I to would leave the paintwork, just keep her well polished to stop the rust use GT85 as a cleaner and lube. she is v pretty, have fun!

  7. I love your bike, she's a beauty, I am so in love with my bright red tricycle too, I feel empowered when I'm cycling x

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  9. Fabulous bike Mary, I am quite jealous I have been wanting something similar to this for ages...must keep looking. Enjoy your rides!

  10. Oooooh, she's a stunner!!!!!!! My bike will be jealous at my disloyalty ogling such a pretty bike!
    If only you'd been in Oxford recently- did you see in Cath Kidston magazine, they celebrated their 1st anniversary of their shop there by putting floral CK saddle rain covers on a load of people's bikes when they weren't there! How cool is that?!

  11. Oh Mary -
    I am green with envy over here at Number 12! Love that bike with its basket, even better than a Pashley Princess - which I would dearly like, but sporty Bike Industry Husband will not allow...
    & a decent saddle! Did you see that CK saddle hit where they covered unsuspecting cyclists bikes with seat covers? Fab!

    Enjoy it in all its usefull prettiness...


  12. Oh wow! She is a beauty indeed! I'm a little jealous!


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