Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tesco Back To School Range Giveaway....

Well, it is nearly time for the school bell to ring again, and as ever in the Poppins' household, we do kind of leave things last minute to get the uniforms and all the new pencil cases and pens. * Tut Tut *  So, it is at times like this that I am glad I am friends with Mr/Mrs. Tesco who sent out a selection of uniform, notebooks, pencil cases, pencils and pens for Master and Miss Poppins to help get them in the mood for getting back to school.

Oh yes, the little Poppins are certainly getting in the mood.... and I am very impressed with the high quality and feel of the uniforms, and many items you don't even need to iron *hooray*

To help get your little ones back in the mood for school, Tesco have kindly offered a £15 voucher code to spend on their online Tesco Back to School range. If you would like the voucher code to spend on the back to school range, feel free to leave a comment on this post saying so by teatime (ish), 2nd September, and I shall pick a winner from the hat and email the voucher code over to the lucky winner.

Good Luck.

Edit: Thank you, a winner has been picked from the hat, enjoy your voucher :)


  1. Wonderful topical giveaway
    Just got pumps for my 3 but so much else to organise. Aaargh!

  2. We've been lucky this year Little Miss still fits into most of her clothes, so only a couple of skirts to pick up. Oh and shoes, and ....



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