Friday, 23 September 2011

Pretty Makeover, Part 2....

Do you remember this lovely little piece of furniture I bought for £5 and wanted to give it a makeover....Well here she is, all madeover. I searched in my fabric pile for a suitable fabric to cover the top, and used some nice new wadding so it also makes a very lovely and very comfy seat too. I really do think I chose well in the floral fabric, as soon as I popped it on the top of the chest to see if it would work, it looked and felt right, just the right amount of floral busy-ness, and the pretty colours are divine.

As for the painting...well certainly a spray job for my next Lloyd Loom project methinks, lost count of how many coats I used, and I do like the piant to go in all those little gaps....

I made a little fabric thingy to help lift up the lid and popped some pretty cream braid around the edges of the padded seat....

And decided to pretty up the inside of the lid too, so covered it with some Laura Ashley pink gingham and used some very jazzy gold braid to edge it....

Ah, I think she looks really cute....

And even cuter with some of my pretty bed linens sitting nice and snug inside ;)

Oh, I do love a good makeover, infact I would really would to present my own little shabby chicy makeover-y type programme on the television, or a little slot on This Morning!! Ha, a girl can dream can't she....



  1. it looks,love the pink gingham surprise inside,very pretty!
    Mary's Makeovers? yes i would tune in :) x

  2. You've done a great make over i love it! the fabric is so pretty inside and out and I also spied lots of gorgeous linens inside ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Oh isn't that so beautiful, what a lovely make over you have done.


  4. Really pretty! Lovely fabric. I'd tune in too!
    Sally x

  5. Well done you! It looks gorgeous!

  6. ooh you've done a fantastic job of it, looks so pretty now! I'm working on quite a few pieces of furniture at the moment including a victorian footstool, looking out for the right fabric at the moment! x

  7. Wow, that looks wonderful. What a great makeover. I like the fabric you have used and the detail of the fabric thingy to open the lid with. I know what you mean about painting Lloyd Loom, it takes forever doesn't it? Like you, I can't bear any unpainted bits so it takes several coats and lots of jiggling the paintbrush to get it right.

  8. It's lovely, Mary! Have a nice weekend!

  9. Perfect fabrics for the job...........and what a good job!!

    Which room is this going in?


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