Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Little Floral Inspiration....

I love, love, love floral bags, and I can't get enough of them, and at the price these little numbers are at, they are in my eyes, certainly a new look I can almost afford weekly. BUT am I copping out somewhat? We all know the likes of these bags can cost well over £60 if bought at the *Certain Shabby Chic Store* but I am seeing more and more of these pretty floral bags at very affordable prices all over the place and I just had to get my pennies out....

Two?? Oh no, I need more than just two....Actually this one doesn't count, as it was a birthday pressie off Mr. Poppins....

And this one was the first *Floral Inspired* one I bought, I offered one too as a giveaway here

And my current favourite is this one, I adore the colours....

And the pretty pink lining....

I have more to get, sad but true. Yes I know, I have a little addiction going on here. I hope you do not think too badly of me for buying the look for well, well under half the price of the *originals*, I mean does my buying all these pretty *inspired* numbers devalue the *originals* I don't honestly know, I have both, love the look of both, and how I see it, if I can save some money to spend perhaps on family outings etc, whilst still having a hint of the look is it not worth it?

I used to value labels, but in reality, that is all they are, labels. I don't feel any less of a person because my bag doesn't have *the* label on it. When I look at my flowery bags, all label-less, they still bring a cheery smile to my face and hey isn't that what life is all about?



  1. When I was last shopping I saw loads of that style of bag on the market - I planned to go back and get one of the London ones. Don't think that will be for a while now - wheelchairs and big towns don't mix!!

  2. Serious bag envy here! Most peeps would think they were from a certain shabby chic store.
    The red one is my fav.I`m going to look out for these.

  3. I love them! Can I ask where the *unoriginals* are from? x

  4. Totally bag jealous!! Your lableless bags are just as gorgeous as the labeled ones. I would wear them proudly!

  5. So colorful collection! I love them! :))

  6. Totally agree! I have a couple of real *certain shabby chic store* ones, but I love the others just as much- my colleague bought me one like yours for my birthday (in my current blog photos) which isn't CK but I adore it! If it's oilcloth (can defend itself against my messiness, leakingpens, disaster-ridden state), pretty, floral, brightly coloured and purports to be a satchel- it has a willing home at Maison Kezzie!

    (and I found a nice guy in London who does them too so I may just get that red polka dot spots one I want!)

  7. No, I don't think it matters. I like all your pretty bags. I only have one handbag. Maybe I should go do some shopping very soon?

  8. They are all lovely.....and as you say spending half the amount of an original is even better...ciao Alison

  9. ooh you lucky thing.... I've seen nothing like that in Exeter, I love the red one. I don't care about the label either, I didn't mind paying more when *things* where made in the UK but now it's made it China!! x

  10. I love the beige one (with the pink lining). I will be visiting London in December and I will keep my eyes open for them.
    I will visit that certain store too ofcause ;-)

  11. Ah, yes! But don't forget a certain someone probably got her ideas from other peoples vintage sourced designs too!
    My fave is the turquoise blue, it is so zingy and cheerful.
    Z xx


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