Monday, 26 September 2011

I Dressed A Girl Around The World

It seems only right and proper that my next post after the one about my frolicking around in pretty dresses, is, as it happens also about dresses, but also how they can really make a world of difference, especially to a little girl many many miles away. How all the glamorous dresses in the world would not make me feel as happy as I do watching this little video. Not so long a go I was asked by Louise  to see if I would like to make a pillowcase dress for  Dress A Girl Around The World ....Well of course said I, it would be an honour.

A very simple little make, but made with buckets of love....

 And with a big red appliqued heart in the middle....

So as soon as it was made I sent it off to Louise and hoped it would find it's merry way to a special girl and she would love wearing it....How lovely to hear from Louise today, whose blog is scrumptious by the way, and she sent me the link to a video of that special girl in Malawi that it found it's way to, and who was wearing it, she has her hands on her hip. I kept waiting for a little flash of the red heart on the front but was more than happy to see it being worn by the lovely girl. Infact a little tear may have left my eye, I just felt my heart glow with happiness, and all the trying on of the most glamorous dresses in the world could NEVER give me that same feeling....ever!



  1. how amazing. such a simple thing! I must do one myself when I am sewing again. well done and thank you for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do! I may well have to have a little lookie at what this is all about.
    Good on you!
    Oh, and I did enjoy you and your mammoth trying on session. What fun! That b&w dress was a beauty; can't wait to see you in all your finery! Congrats for the accolade!
    Z xx

  3. Thank you for the lovely post! I too had a tear in my eye when I saw the photos and the video. It makes it all worthwhile. Thanks for your support and for making such a lovely dress! x

  4. Stimulating! Wonderfully presentation, loving all of their unique sense of style!

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  5. How wonderful, I bet your heart nearly burst with happiness seeing that. xxx

  6. Oh my how lovely indeed. gave me goosebumps. I am bad.. I am still to make my dress. Need to fix the sewing machine.

    Well done you. Gorgeous dress.


  7. This is all kinds of ace - well done you! I really ned to pull my finger out and do one too.

    PS Have I said thank you for including me on your blogroll yet?



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