Thursday, 22 September 2011

Feather & Black....

I really enjoy browsing catalogues for inspiration and it was lovely to receive the new A/W 2011 catalogue from Feather & Black, which showcases some of their wonderful bedroom ideas. As well as their gorgeous and oh so adorable children's bedroom furniture  they have also introduced six exceptional new bedroom collections and which I have to say I just love the new children's Charlotte range, never mind Miss. Poppins sleeping in there, I want to!!

As we are in the throws of doing a little re decoration in our own home sweet home bedroom, I need all the inspiration I can get, and I have to say it does not get any more inspiring than their new Loire range, and which, inspired by vintage chic, combines french heritage, with superior quality oak and time-honored artisanship. I mean who wouldn't want to sleep here....

Or perhaps their Avignon range, a hand carved, and sustainably sourced french inspired design. I just love the calm, peaceful almost seaside inspired look of this bedroom....

I don't really *do* dark furniture per say, but am rather taken with the grandeur of the Ashby range....

I think my all time favourite is the Rossetti range, I just love the delicately curved iron and it has a lovely feminine touch....I am allowed quite a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating our bedroom, though I must resist the urge to go TOO girly, I guess there is only a certain amount of florals a man can take ;)

 You can order the latest catalogue yourself here it really is quite lovely to flick through and also offers up to 30% off many of their items, I am getting lots of inspiration for my own bedroom ideas, and I can't wait to share with you our new *shabby chic/floral/vintage/* style bedroom.



  1. Oooo they all look lovely but I am particularly taken with the last picture, I could so see myself in that room :) I have just ordered my copy of the brochure :0) Thanks xxx

  2. What's that phrase? Such stuff as dreams are mad of....

  3. Such pretty rooms!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. very inspiring I love the bottom one too I just love old iron beds
    xx fee


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