Thursday, 4 August 2011

What I Spent My Pocket Money On....

I love getting a little pocket money to spend. For me, there is nothing quite as nice as having some spends in ones pocket, and then the search for a pretty buy to bring a smile to my face. I had the grand sum of £3 to spend....what would I find?

I saw this and I thought yes, perhaps....

I thought it was rather pretty....

I adored the beautiful handle....

Oh yes I was falling in love....

I had made up my mind, I would be bringing her home with me, and soon found all my £3 pocket money spent. I think she was well worth it don't you? I don't know how old she is, certainly not modern, but I truly love her vintage charm....

Now all I need to decide, is what to put in it....



  1. You need to line her in beautiful vintage fabric with a ribbon drawstring, she will then be even more beautiful

  2. Lovely! Saw lots of people using these at the 40's event we went to and thought one would be nice - what a good price too! Well done!

  3. A lovely find! £3 well spent!
    Have a fabby weekend!
    Rachel x

  4. A bargain at £3! I'm looking forward to seeing what you put in it!
    Cathy X

  5. 3 quid!!! Bargain. Lots of gorgeous flowers would be nice. I keep all my country living magazines in a similar one.

  6. My mum has one just like this! And she still uses it for its intended purpose - shopping! I always remember being allowed to take it to school with my home ec ingredients in it, with a tea towel over the top :-)

  7. Looking good!
    You talked yourself into it, didn't you? Sure you did.

  8. Oooh £3? That is a bargain!
    Hmmm, now what will you be putting in it?!!

  9. lovely find - I have one like this and use it for all my shopping, days out, library - am going to make a cover for it so it doesn't get wet on rainy days.

  10. I love baskets, you an never have enough of them if you ask me. She is lovely xxxx

  11. What a bargain!!! It reminds me of the baskets girls used to carry their cookery ingredients to school in. You used to be able to get elasticated plastic floral covers for them too. (Now wouldn't that look great in Cath Kidston?!!!!)

    Sharon xx


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