Thursday, 18 August 2011

Vintage Love....

 I always know deep down, really and truly, one does not gain happiness from *things* but from people, family, friendships, love, relationships etc etc. Though *blush* hands up, when I found this little beauty, I found oh so much happiness....

Oh it is just so cute....

And like me, vintage 70s ;) All the lovely little and original, things inside. Cups and saucers, plates, cutlery, flasks, sandwich boxes.... I love playing with them like a little girl would, who enjoys playing with her toys....

I love, love, love the little salt and pepper containers, so cute....

And as for the basket itself, just beautiful....

I love it!! And well tis my birthday today, so if you can't treat yourself on your birthday, when can you ;)



  1. Its beautiful - and yes, if its your birthday then you must have pretty treats! Have a great day!
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I bought a lovely picnic basket from car boot last week for £3. I will be using it for display for my handmade soaps. Its perfect!

  3. Happy Birthday, it is a lovely birthday treat just for you :)Hope you have a lovely day xxx

  4. Aw so cute!
    Happy Birthday Mary!
    Hope you have a wonderful day xxx

  5. Happy birthday! :) wonder if you will go on a picnic? love the basket, great buy.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. A wonderful find indeed! Great job!

  7. Happy Birthday have a great day and hope you get spoilt xx BTW love the trunk ♥

  8. Such a beautiful picnic basket and a perfect birthday present! Happy Birthday! x

  9. Happy Birthday! And your hamper looks lovely.

  10. Happy Birthday Mary. I love your birthday present to yourself. It is the sort of thing that I love too. I never really grew up either, you see. When I was a small girl, I had a miniature tea set, real porcelain with the willow pattern on it. I loved it. Now I don't have it anymore. I wonder where it went? If you see it amongst your travels, do tell me :)
    Hope you get your pink food mixer this year?

  11. Happy Birthday Mary....

    Love the hamper, very pretty find. Enjoy....

    Also really looking forward to the small peoples room makeovers.


  12. I love the crockery!!! We have 2 baskets like this which I just posted pictures of! Yours is lovely!

  13. Happy Birthday! I love the picnic basket, it's gorgeous!

  14. Happy Birthday from across the pond.
    Love the picnic basket. My parents had one like that in the 1950s. It was versatile.
    And I won't suggest that your special birthday gift means you're a basket case. Won't do that. Promise!

  15. How lovely - I have a pile of hampers as they are so nostalgic.

    Happy Birthday to you!


  16. What a wonderful hamper! It's really cute and I love how 70's it is. :)
    A really Happy Birthday to you! :)

  17. Oh yes that is indeed wonderful and such a sunshiny colour, just perfect.


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