Friday, 5 August 2011

Vacuuming Can Be Sexy! Dirt Devil & Mr.Stink Event....

Do you like vacuuming? I have to admit I am not an expert housewife and vacuuming is probably about 101st on my list of things to do. However, I do love to shop, ( you may have gathered this ) and I can find greatness in most things, even vacuum's. I understand, even though vacuuming is not my most favourite chore, someone has to do it, and occasionally it is I who has to do the deed. So when I was invited along to a Dirt Devil event to have a little play with some vacuum's, I of course was intrigued to see if even I could find sexiness in a vacuum cleaner.

This is their new, only just been released and a more traditional looking, Dirt Devil Pure A bagless upright with a 1900W motor ( ie it has good suction), it has an 8m cleaning radius and an ingenious switch on the front to vary the brush depth depending on your carpet length. I was really rather taken with the folding handle, which meant it could be stored quite easily, and don't they say storage is the key to a tidy house, so this aspect of the model appealed to me very much. This red and white number ( which actually I did think rather sexy looking ) also includes an intense turbo brush attachment, perfect for picking up all those unwanted pet hairs. Priced at £79.99 I thought quite reasonable, and in my opinion you certainly get alot for your money.

Next, I got to play with a man's hose....

The hose in question belonging of course to the Dirt Devil Reach notice the reach in the title here. Well this vacuum, has possibly the longest hose I have ever seen, and when at full capacity ( when combined with the 5m cord and 1m telescopic tube ) can cover the equivalent of two tennis courts. The Reach also includes Microban antibacterial technology in the filters and bags, and considering Microban is the world's leader in providing safe, durable and effective antibacterial solutions, this is a very worthwhile benefit of the vacuum. Priced at £69.99, if you like your gadgets nifty, compact and smart looking ( with a long hose ) then this is the vacuum for you.

Dirt Devil, who btw have a blog too, also invited the Poppins children along with me to watch a theatrical performance of Mr. Stink which was having it's run at The Lowry where the event was held. After we had had a play with the nifty vacuums and the children had been entertained, off we went to find our seats in the theatre to enjoy the show.

Having studied drama, and performed in many shows myself, I cannot help but perhaps over analyze performances, when I go to the theatre. I almost watch from a directors point of view, do the costumes look good, does the stage set wobble, do the lfx's and sfx's look like they are on time, are the actor's performances realistic, believable etc etc. However on this occasion, I just wanted to sit down in a comfy chair, relax and enjoy the show with my children. Oh it was fun. I don't want to give too much away if you may be popping over to see it, but the show itself is accompanied by a scratch and sniff book ( that you get to keep ) and basically as an audience member, you get to scratch and sniff your way through the book, whilst the show is going on, you are given cues however, so you don't ( like norty me ) scratch too early.

A really enjoyable family show, and one I would certainly recommend going to see. Infact I bumped into Lotte Gilmore who plays the lead female, Chloe, a little later on, and we had a very brief chat and she is just charming, and does a very decent job of playing someone much younger than her actual years. You can read a review of Mr. Stink here So, after the show, it was time to say our goodbyes to the Dirt Devil team, who were accompanied by an ever so slick pr crew as well. Before I could shake their hand to say my ta'ra's, I was handed over a very smart looking vacuum, and as it happens, one just the right size for me. I was told it was a little gift to take home and to have a play with it in the comfort of my own home.
As it is I am a quick learner and the vacuum in question, the Dirt Devil Easy Handheld Vacuum is pure joy for someone like me as I like things small, perfectly formed, and easy to hide away when unannounced guests come a calling. This little number is perfect, made for me. It comes with a range of features and attachments, one of which is called the Crevice Nozzle ( I told you vacuums can be sexy ) that can help make family life easier, what could be better I say. It is Dirt Devil's most powerful handheld and comes with a wall-mounted charger that allows for continuous charging, so always ready, charged and eager for action, you never know what spillage is around the corner. Perfect for the car, getting rid of those unwanted pet hairs and also the only handheld vacuum in the UK that comes with microban. Priced at £59.99, for me this really is a wonderful handheld. Also perfect for our little retro caravan. I have to say bravo to the experts, Matthew, the marketing manager for Dirt Devil Uk, and James, their Communications Manager who came along, and who didn't over egg their products, or shove them down our faces, that some brands can be a little guilty of. I don't know about you, but for me, I tend to warm more to people who don't give it the big * buy our product* *buy our product*, but rather, communicate their ideas and then let us decide for ourselves what we really think. They laughed like it was the first time they had heard the * my what a big hose you have got * type jokes from all us blogging ladies, true professional's they really were. All these thoughts and words are my own opinion and I genuinly think the products were good and I enjoyed playing and learning all about them. There may even be some video footage knocking about the internet somewhere, where I have my little say of what I thought of the day. ( I really do enjoy flirting with the camera, and I wish I got chance to do it more often)

So, after an enjoyable day, I have come to realise Vacuums can, if you want them to be, a little va va voom sexy, lets face it vacuuming can be rather a boring chore, but with one of these Dirt Devil's at the end of my arm, it at least, with all their turbo brushes, attachments, very long hoses and crevice nozzles, makes vacuuming a little more, how can I say it....interesting!



  1. I am now a little worried with just how interesting I found this blog entry...who knew housework could be so 'interesting' as you say!!

    Sam x

  2. No matter what you say, vacuuming is still vacuuming. High on the "Bah! Humbug!" list of necessary evils.


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