Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tilda Garden Angel Kit Review....

I have fallen absolutely in love with this Tilda Garden Angel Kit I love all the tilda books and although I love drooling at the angels etc in the books, I have never quite got round to making my very own one, I guess I have always thought were perhaps a bit too fiddly for even crafty olde me.

This kit contains pretty much everything ( bar the toy filling for stuffing ) that one would need to create the playful garden angel. And I do think having most of everything there in front of me, makes things so much easier and why a kit can be a very worthwhile investment. No hunting round the craft room looking for things, that I may or may not have. And I always have some toy stuffing lying around.

Of course I felt like I had opened the best party bag ever when I spied all that came in the kit, all the lovely fabrics and little trims and extras, even angel hair. The fabric for her snug felt coat, did vary a little in colour from the photograph, it was more of a blue green than lime green, and therefore not a perfect match for the lime green trousers, but in all honestly for me, it didn't matter one jot, as this more blue coloured fabric I rather prefered anyway. It has a greeny cute gardening pinny and cheeks blushed pink. This angel is a picture of pure charm. The garden angel kit is suitable for sewing enthusiasts, or anyone with basic sewing skills. The finished angel would make a lovely gift, and extra special having been hand made. Or indeed, after the effort of making it oneself would be a nice treat to keep, and would make an extra special touch to any room. My plan is to make it for Miss. Poppins and I cannot wait to get making. It also comes with all the templates you need....

I think I shall enjoy being kept busy making her on these balmy nights, whilst the children are sound asleep. I also can't wait to get my hands on the new Tilda book, it looks delightful.

So, watch this space, I am feeling brave and hopefully I shall be back soon with a pretty Tilda angel I have made all by my very self.



  1. LOVE the Tilda Angels and even made one myself some time ago. This one is SO cute, saw it in the book and really want to make her myself as well. Maybe this winter lol. Enjoy making her and be sure to post pictures when she is ready.

    Hugs from Marian from the Netherlands

  2. I'm glad i'm not the only one who has all the books yet has never made one!
    They are so gorgeous and I love all the animals too!
    maybe a kit would be the best place to start, who knows might even set me on a roll...

    :) enjoy your day!

  3. That is agorgeous kit and would make a fab gift. Isn't she elegant! I love that everything is in the it,I am a bit useless when I have to find everything!

  4. I love just looking at the books. I want to make the flying/angel Christmas pig, maybe one day.

  5. The Tilda stuff is so cute! I am looking forward to pics!

  6. I do so love Tilda!! I have many of her books and also love looking at the angels, not made one yet though. Can't wait to see yours made up :) Popped into Hobbycraft today and they are starting to stock a little of the Tilda magic at last!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Oooh so cute, ive not seen these before..you have the best taste!

  8. Tilda angles are so sweet! You chose a very cute one. Will be looking forward to see when yours is ready. :)

  9. Oohh these are so sweet, I've often thought the same as you & worried that they may be a bit fiddly!
    I will have to see how you get on so do update us all won't you.

  10. This is exactly what I need. I have loads of her books and have attempted some of her projects but never the stuffed dolls or cute animals.

    Now I can. Thank you.

    Gorgeous blog too. Enjoying mooching around.



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