Friday, 12 August 2011

My Charity Shop Outfit....( Part 2 )

Thanks for all the shoe love on my last post :) I thought it only fair to share the dress I bought too. It was from the British Heart Foundation  and a charity close to my own heart as Master Poppins himself has a heart condition, that I talk a little about here

I was already wearing THE shoes and in the CS there was a special rail dedicated to new, never been worn dresses. Many of them designer, I couldn't resist a little looksy....

I found this swing label attached to a dress....

I have to say I adore Coast dresses, they are really lovely for special occasions, so I wanted to get a closer look. The price tag said £15.00...eeek. Though was a brand new dress, you could tell it had never been worn, and as a charity I am very close to, £15 really is a mere drop in the ocean, but it all helps.

It was so very pretty with a lovely bandeau style, boned, and in my size too.

A lovely trim to the bottom of it....

So I tried it on, and the lovely ladies in the shop wanted a little look, so when I stepped out of the dressing room wearing the dress with THE shoes, they all of course, being super sales people, said it looked lovely and I should buy it. Well, I did have a special occasion coming up, and they said I could have some pennies knocked off as, even though it had fabric loops inside, it didn't seem to have any little straps that you sometimes get with dresses like these. So, now it had gone from £15.00 to £11.00, and I probably wouldn't wear the straps anyway. Also, when I thought of my £2.99 shoes with this dress, that would make the grand total of £13.99 for a lovely little outfit. Oh go on then, so bought it I did, and popped a little extra in the charity tin by the till :)

What I quite like about the dress is that it urrmmmm, how can I put it...makes me look a little bigger than I actually am, you know upstairs, I have never been blessed in that department ;)) And here I am, wearing it for that special occasion, a lovely summer garden party a dear friend was having.

Who says if you buy cheap, you have to look cheap. I don't think many people at the party could have guessed I was tootling around in my £13.99 charity outfit!!



  1. What a brilliant find Mary, and the shoes of course...swoon! They match so well! Lovely to see you in it too, I always think it helps to see the outfit on a body rather than the hanger!
    Well done on your bargain outfit xxx

  2. Great find it looks a smashing little outfit x

  3. Oh my what a find!!! You lucky girly you!
    It is absolutely adorable & love those pink shoes!!!
    You look such a cutie.

  4. oooh you are so lucky to have a good local charity shop! Ours is like a jumble sale and I don't have the patience to rummage hehe.
    The dress is definately a steal, and it looks lovely on you! xx

  5. I have to agree with everyone else, it looks fab and a lot more expensive then £13.99 xxx

  6. Fabulous bargains and you look amazing too! Love your new hair do!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  7. Love the haircut! You look great - love the colours in the dress.
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  8. oooh you look truly scrumptious Mary Poppins! and I love the dress just as much as the shoes. It all came together quite remarkably and I congratulate you on your powers of mixing and matching!

  9. you look lovely, very posh outfit. The shoes are fabulous, don't you love it when CS finds are so good.

  10. Incredibly sweet little dress you found there!

  11. Wow another brilliant find Mary. That dress looks fantastic on you and goes so well with the shoes xx

  12. Gorgeous! You do look fab in it they weren't telling porkies.

  13. Fabulous find and fits you perfectly - fabulous! Scarlett x

  14. Oh, I say, Well done! You didn't buy cheap, it was a thrifty, an economical purchase. End even if it was thrifty, you and the dress look marvellous together. Along with the shoes, of course.

  15. Brilliant finds Mary, you look amazing!
    Sally x

  16. bOh that's a lovely dress and the colours really suit you. What a bargain too, since I've been reading your blog I've been looking in charity shops more but never seem to find anything like that. Enjoy wearing your dress and shoes. Hugs Jenny xx

  17. Ooh you look wonderful! A great bargainous outfit! I bought a lovely Coast dress in a charity shop which I love dearly!

  18. Phew! One red hot mama!
    Looking good Mary! (As always!)
    Love the photo with the shades!
    What a great find and those pink shoes in your previous post too. Some things are just meant to be.
    Z xx


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