Friday, 26 August 2011

SwingBall Pro....

If you are as old as me you shall certainly have fond memories and remember the days of playing swing ball in the back garden. Oh my, I used to love that game, though I always ended up playing against my brother who would always whack the ball SO hard I would practically fall over. The Poppins children and I were sent the new SwingBall Pro to have a play with and see what we all thought.

Now obviously I am not as young as I was in those swingball playing days I remember so fondly, though I know it was indeed a favourite game I used to play as a child, and was pretty confident my own children would love it as much as I did. The pro is aimed at 6+ yrs and a super, ultimate Swingball, which is perfect for older children and adults who enjoy hitting a real tennis ball. The all surface base, which also has markers to enable players to keep score as you play, allows you to play on any surface. Simply fill the base with water or sand and you're ready, literally anywhere. As the swing ball pro packs away neatly in the all surface base with carry handle, we think would be a super duper item to take on holiday, especially in our little retro caravan and where there is water, and sometimes even sand, always on tap.

So, how does SwingBall Pro compare to the classic Swing Ball?

SwingBall Pro is taller and faster....

It has stronger power bats....

It also has a real tennis ball....

And a more stable all surface base....

Well, what can I say, there were four pairs of hands eager to get the swingball pro out of the box. As an old player I kind of got the idea on how to set it up and get playing, though I did have a little read of the simple constructions ( as Master P calls them ) as I went. Although aimed at 6+ I was more than happy for my just turned 5 year old Master Popps to have a gentle go with adult supervision. So we got it set up quick flash and got playing. So some actions shots of the little Poppins....

You can have a lovely browse over at the Mookie Toys website, where you shall find a wonderful world of play. So, even though the weather looks like it needs a little cheering up, am off to play some Swing Ball and get those aging muscles of mine working....



  1. We had a bbq a few weeks ago and out came the a bit competitive between the adults, and dare I say it, aggressive!

    I couldn't move my arm for about 3 days afterwards, it was all swollen, and one of the neighbours has hurt her arm so much she still can't lift it!

    They should come with a health warning!

    Sam x

  2. I loved Swingball. We have a new one all ready and waiting to be used. (Thought the cats may join in!!).
    That is such a good idea to bring out a 'bigger' version.
    Mind out for those aching arms tho'!
    Have a great bank holiday weekend.
    Z xx

  3. I'd forgotten about Swingball but now I've seen it again I remember how popular it was. My neighbours were always playing it. I enjoyed seeing your children learning and playing. Master Poppins is left-handed, but seemed to be coping well. In our household, we almost all wore glasses so it wasn't the favourite choice of toy, for obvious reasons. That was a shame because I know they would have loved it - only I would have been forever at the opticians getting the glasses repaired!

  4. My two love swingball - it is permanently set up in our garden and the ball is just taken off to keep it dry.

  5. Could never get the hang of swingball...very frustrating! Ours is growing cobwebs in my Mum's garden shed. :0)

  6. Swing ball is fab, espeially after a couple of sparkly drinks post neighbour barbeque & the smalls are tucked in bed! We had sooo much fun!


  7. Good Review! Oh for summer when we can enjoy the fun & laughter of Swingball :-)


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