Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Charity Shop Outfit....( Part 1 )

First, I found the shoes....

They had never been worn, original stickers on the sole, and heels as new as new can be. At £2.99 I grabbed 'em. Actually, I even left the shop wearing them I loved them that much. Yes, I like my high heels. and these shoes are made for someone like me, beautiful bows....

Very Pink and very high....

Oh, I just love, love, love them....

Next time I shall show you the dress, bought on the very same day, and from a different CS. Maybe, just maybe I shall feel brave enough to don the dress which goes very nicely with the shoes too, just for you ;)) 



  1. Ooooh they are just lovely!

  2. Oh yes please do don the dress! The shoes are really pretty and such a bargain, but I couldn't walk in them! Love Linda x

  3. Do it do it- wear the dress!!!!
    They are pretty but evilly high!
    (hee word verification is: 'skylpedi' how appropriate for sky high shoes!)

  4. Wow! I love the bows. I bet your heart sang in excitement when you found these beauties. I am looking forward to seeing your outfit. x

  5. WOW those shoes are to die for, I love them. So glad you grabbed them, it would have been rude to leave them behind xxx

  6. Such pretty shoes! I love them. Can't wait to see the dress, and you in it soon.

  7. A day of living dangerously, perhaps, Ms. Poppins? The shoes look good, so congratulation on your buy. What of the dress?

  8. Wowee first of all on your new blog layout I loooooooooooove it. I usually read in Google reader so don't see the blog layouts but came onto your blog so I could comment. Love your shoes but too high for me I'd fall over lol. I have actually updated my blog with a £2.99 bargain how spooky is that? xx

  9. Oooooh what gorgous gorgous pretty shoes very jel.

    Leah x

  10. OMG....LOVE them, adore them.......good buy for only 2.99 ♥ I too am a sucker for shoes, esp with very high heels and I am 6 feet tall lol :)

  11. Great shoes - I can't wear heels, but would love to! What a great find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  12. Gorgeous shoes!! no wonder you left wearing them :) can't wait to see your new dress.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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