Saturday, 27 August 2011

HOP DVD Event....

Last week myself, and the family were invited along to a screening of HOP (released on DVD & Blu-Ray on Bank holiday Monday) a film about a cute little Rabbit named E.B who has serious attitude and a remarkable talent for the drums! A film if I am honest I didn't really know too much about and never got round to seeing at the cinema. As the event was being held at CadburyWorld , and I love, love, love chocolate of course I had to pop along....

I was sent a little something before the screening itself to help get me in the HOP/Chocolaty mood....

I could smell the chocolate from a mile away, and the pretty basket was rather sweet....

And HOW much yummy chocolate....

As you can imagine I was certainly in the mood when we arrived at Cadbury World to watch Hop. So, what is HOP about? Well, in brief, when the time comes for little E.B. ( Voice of Russell Brand ) to take over the reigns of his dad's business, he decides it is all too much so runs away to seek out the bright lights of Hollywood. However, right from the start Hollywood isn't exactly what E.B had in mind. He bumps, literally into a character called Fred's ( James Marsden ) car who decides to take him in to look after him. When Fred realises E.B. is the very same Easter Bunny he glimpsed as a child, they from an unlikely friendship....

Fred decides to help E.B realise his rock 'n roll dreams and takes him to appear on "Hoff Knows Talent" and in return E.B. teaches Fred what it takes to be an Easter Bunny. Meanwhile both are oblivious to the royal ninja bunnies, who have been sent on a mission to bring E.B.back home. Back on Easter island, head chick at the Easter factory, Carlos ( Voice of Hank Azaria ) See's E.B. escape as the perfect excuse for him to take over the position of Easter Bunny and he even attempts to take over the Easter factory.

So what shall become of E.B and his rock 'n roll dreams? Shall Carlos take over the factory? All shall be revealed when Universal pictures HOP is released on DVD from Monday 29th August 2011. There are all-new bonus features on Blu-Ray & DVD too.

•A look at the Candy Factory

•A look at E.B.

•A look at Fred

•A look at the Easter Bunny

•A look at Carlos and Phil

•A look at Sam

There are many additional features exclusive to Blu-ray. Head over to I Want Candy to find out more. I can't wait to see it again, and is a perfect bank holiday treat for the children, you can also join in the conversation over at the HOP Facebook Page I for one shall be grabbing the pop corn again to watch it. The little Poppins were treated to a little bag of treats which has to be said they were very thankful and pleased to get especially as it involved chocolate.

E.B. himself even gave us a little visit, and yes, that is my hand on his knee...I couldn't resist a little pat of the sweet bunny!

We were also treated to a smashing tour of Cadbury World, whilst we were there.

 A very popular attraction it has to be said, and needless to say much chocolate was eaten by moi, I even got to look after even more chocolate in my bag as we walked round....

I was of course a good girl and handed it back out once the tour had finished. I couldn't resist a little moochy around the shop too....

And the delicious warm melted chocolate you could go and taste was just Yum! So thanks must go to the HOP DVD and Cadbury World Press team who gave myself and my family a lovely day. We have had no holidays away this summer as such, so to be treated to a lovely day out was just lovely.



  1. fun post, looks cute- gonna have to watch it...


  2. I've brought B this for his birthday on 8th September, we haven't seen it yet...but it sure sounds fun. I look forward to watching it with the family once it's his birthday.

  3. Hi sounds like a great day. I went to see that film with my 13 yr old now 14! & 11 year old we all loved it. Even my moody teen!We liked the song " I want candy!" xx

  4. mmmm my mouth is watering with the look of all that scrummy chocolate.

    Saw a trailer for this film when last at the Picci's and it looked funny then. Great kiddie's film and grown ups too!

    Leah x


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