Monday, 8 August 2011

Happy Birthday To A Special Boy....

I am so proud of you every day,
You make me happy in every way,
Yes, you can be a little scamp,
But mummy knows you are a real champ.

Born so early, and so very small,
I just couldn't imagine you being this tall,
A big boy now, 5 years old,
Your personality, so big and bold.

I love you more than words can say,
I thank God you are with me every day,
You are a wonderful, son, and super brother,
I truly am the luckiest mother.

So, here you are, oh birthday boy,
Having fun playing with your newest toy,
You make me smile, laugh, and cheer,
Never wanting to let you go, always wanting you near.

I Know one day I shall have to cut those strings,
And watch you deal with life, all that it brings,
Though, five, fifteen, twenty five, or fifty,
You shall always be mummy's special baby....

By Your Mummy.

Happy Birthday sweetheart, we all love you so very much.



  1. Happy birthday to your little boy! x

  2. Happy Birthday to your special little man!! Love the poem : )

    Sharon xx

  3. Congratulations to Master Poppins!

  4. Ahh that is so sweet! Hope he has had a lovely day.

  5. Happy birthday Master Poppins. My Bronte is an August baby too - her birthday was 4th August. Hugs x

  6. This is so sweet. Happy Birthday little man xxx

  7. What a clever poet mummy. Happy Birthday, Master Poppins.

  8. Aaahh happy birthday to Master Poppins, sorry I'm a bit late!
    Hope he had a fun day.


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