Thursday, 21 July 2011

Whose Afraid Of The Dentist....


 I have been very pleased with the service I have received from my dentist over the years. Maybe it is the fact I am paying for it, but things are always explained clearly to me and being a nervous patient I am always well looked after. I think my nerves of the dentist go back to when I was perhaps about 10 or so and I was with a different dentist and had to have 4 teeth out. No explaining what was happening to me in those days, and I just remember being in that infamous chair, and the gas mask literally being strapped to my face, I am sure there was lots of kicking and struggling from me ( I was so scared ) and they practically forced the mask on me, I fell asleep and woke up with 4 less teeth. hmmmmm not a happy experience I have to say.

Maybe if I sat in a chair like this, I would feel a little calmer, although just looking at the photograph of one, yes even pink, gives me the heeby jeebies....

I had to have orthodontic work when I was younger and wore a fixed brace, I also had to have the head gear to be worn at night. I even used to brush my teeth at school, and this drawing done by our very arty form teacher when we were in the 5th form, has me clutching an oscar and indeed brushing my teeth.

So, maybe I have always had this thing with teeth. I do get nervous before an appointment, though the work itself is always not so bad, I do not need sedating or anything like that, but I certainly do not look forward to my appointments put it that way. Only yesterday I had an appointment and had to have an extraction on a tooth that was very wobbly and needs crowning. Root thankfully saved ( is a root filled tooth ) and hopefully a crown is still an option but the thought of being toothless even right at the back makes me quite upset. I was well looked after and as a nervous patient dealt with incredibly well, it was clearly explained what was going to happen, and was in and out, before I really knew what was going on.

I am cross that I haven't looked after my teeth as well as I should have done, even with the school time brushing. I have THE sweetest tooth, and even though I probably shouldn't, but I do, I kinda judge peeps on their teeth. Of course the cost implications of keeping ones teeth healthy really does come into it, my last filling was £94, so it is not a cheap affair to keep those teeth looking sparkly. Also I believe genetics come into too, no matter how well one can look after their teeth, genes do play a part.

So, I may never have the hollywood smile, ( not that I would want one ) but I am making a much more concerted effort to keep my peggies healthy, and strong. My children luckily have no fear. Because of mine, I know how these things can rub off on ones own children, and there is no way I would ever want them to feel like I do, so we make it an almost enjoyable event, and I am so proud of them.

Are you happy with your smile?


  1. i think this is where i say 'mwha ha ha' (in an evil way) as i research dental things! Yes genetics does come into it as does nutrition (now and from when you were little). But the big thing i'd like to highlight is that you don't just need to look after your teeth, you have to care for your gums too, proper brushing will do but you have to be doing it properly, your dentist or hygienist can show you. That way your teeth will stay put in your jaw longer. x

  2. I have a similar history to you, a few bad experiences as a child resulted in pretty severe dental phobia in my 20/30s. My husband managed to get me to the dentist after about 6 years or not going which was a hugely stressful experience for both me and the poor dentist who had to try to give me a filling. In the end I had to be sedated to have a filling and extraction, I have no recollection of the process but apparently I fought them all the way through it even though I drugged up to the eyeballs! Roll forward 2 children and another 7 years and I needed to go but I couldn't even bring myself to phone them, had to get hubby to do that again. Went along to a dentist who was recommended to me as being very good with nervous patients (sounds quite mild compared to the sobbing and shaking that I used to display!) and she was great, I was so proud of myself being able to go to the dentist, until the day came when she told me I needed a filling. I burst into tears then and there in the chair and thought I had to get a grip so I ended up having hypnotherapy to cure my phobia. Against all my expectations it worked! I've had 2 fillings since then and whilst its not the favourite activity I can handle it and thats all I'm asking for! Now I go for 6 monthly checkup and hygienist appointment (where I always lie and promise to start flossing) and like you I'm very clear about not passing this onto my kids, we have separate appointments so I don't have to pretend in front of them. I think we should be proud of overcoming something as debilitating as a dental phobia.

  3. i had 5 teeth taken out(didnt have gas just injections),a fixed brace,head gear,my mouth was literally filled with metal at one point,elastic bands the lot lol.but after 4 years and wearing my retainer my teeth are still wonky to this day!definitly not happy with my teeth at all!!especially after all the work being done.definitly something to do with genetics,that being said to this day i have had only 1 filling and that was in february of this year!

    but after all that im not afraid to go,more afraid of the bill so im not a regular patient!

    it sounds weird but the last time i went i actually looked forward to it(i must sound like the man bill murray played in little shop of horrors hehe!)i think its cos i get some satisfaction from knowing that im getting a fresh start when it comes to it,its all mind over matter.i dont love the dentist i just remember that its just a short amount of time and its all worth it in the end..not that i plan to go anytime soon ;)


  4. Ah yeah, the dentist....
    When I was child we used to have dental care paid for by the government. Twice a year a big van wpould park outside the school and every child would get a check up. I was terrified until it was my turn and I never knew when it was my turn. ABD the dentist was a JURK, he really was. One time it all got to me and I walked home. The day after I was first LOL This system created a dentist phobia amongst a whole generation of people. When I went to high school I stopped going. Then when I really got problems I really had to go and I found a nice dentist. Now I don't like to go (who does), but I am not scared anymore.
    But unfortunately I don't have a Hollywood smile. It doesn't look to bad, but I have a lot of fillings and two bridges.

  5. I have had a lot of work on my teeth as I knocked my front one more or less out a few years back. Root canal, filled, crown x 4 over the years to improve it. I am so paranoid about it and it always seems to get bumped by an excitable toddler! It has cost me over a grand!

    I bite things on the side teeth just in case, as if it comes out it's going to be a dental implant! Lots of money.

    I must brush my teeth about 5 times a day now to keep the gum ok around it.

    The irony is that I knocked it out on the Saturday and on the Monday I had an orthodontic appointment arranged to see about some straightening for my front teeth. I always feel now as if that was a punishment or a warning around vanity. Silly I know!

  6. Oh, my! I had just been to the dentist today. Actually to the Hygienist and my gums are still achey. I hate going but it is for the good. Dentists are really NOT the best place to go, but a necessary one.

  7. What a perfect note for today, my children and I are just returning from our dentist visits and I think I was the worst one there! haha! All 3 of mine have so much fun there and I am just nervous nelly! haah!


  8. My recurring nightmare is that my teeth fall out! I am really concerned about mine like you. I have a sweet tooth too but try to take care of them. I had a horrid experience with a brand newly qualified dentist who was obviously trying to gain brownie points with her boss by trying to give me 9 £75 fillings which was strange since my previous appointment with my old (lovely, blue-eyed, irish) dentist, I hadn't needed anything done and he had said they were great! It really did give me a bad feeling about dentists. I can't open my mouth very wide (some jaw problem) so eveyrthing makes me retch at the dentist so I hate going!

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  10. I've had strong teeth all my life. Recently, though, I've been having some difficulties. The dentist has been alternately thrilled and terrified.
    Yet, well, how many dentists do you know of who would willing work in the mouth of a Bear? A Bear who was wide awake?
    Surely you see my point.

  11. After all the work I've had on my teeth the past couple of years I love my smile and it was worth every penny even if I hate wearing my retainers!!

    Victoria xx

  12. There's nothing wrong with being afraid of the dentist. Usually, it's the nervousness before the dental procedure that makes things a lot worse for people - that and the thought of an aching tooth being poked around. Sure, it's scary. But it's very good that you care for your teeth. Teaching your children not to be afraid is very good as well.

    -Vernell Leider

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