Friday, 8 July 2011

What Is It With Us Girls And Ikea Candles....

 I went on a little trip out to Ikea and I think I went a little candle crazy.....

I just couldn't resist....One pillar candle wasn't enough, or two, or four, or seven.... I don't know why I needed 40 church style ones, but I did and I do....And even though we have electricity in our village, that works very well and no talk of any power cuts on the horizon I needed these candles. Maybe it was the fact that they were all in the sale, maybe it was just the delicious colours that drew me in, like a bee to honey....

Whatever it was, I love them and when I love something, really love something, one just isn't enough. I guess I have one of those kinds of personalities, one cupcake is never enough, or just one piece of chocolate, oh no, I have to have the bar. If a see a pair of shoes (cheapish) and I really love, I have to have a pair in every colour. I am also a gal who loves her candles, I love to watch the bright lights flicker on dark nights and I instantly fell in love with these gorgeous candy colours and thought were so summery.

As for the Rosali curtains and throw I saw.....well they kind of fell into the trolley too. More about that another day....



  1. uh oh ... looks like I will be dragging the Family Plum to Ikea this weekend!!

  2. I would love to leave a comment but i have to get to ikea Mary lol!
    Love Kristina xx

  3. Oh it just so happens I'm off to Ikea Warrington on Sunday. Yipee!

  4. I love Ikea - I think they are thinking of building another Ikea in Preston which would be so much more handier than popping to Warrington. I'm after a rug for the Kitchen to put under the Kitchen table but a hard wearing bright colourful one.

    The candles are lovely - might light my apple scented one this evening.

    Happy shopping

    Leah x

  5. Oh no...............when I went to Thurrock, Lakeside last weekend we run out of time (the kids out of energy) and so skipped going to Ikea! What a mistake!!!

  6. These of course needed to be bought, i would have done the same - they are fabulous colours :o) Scarlett x

  7. Lovely...I just can't resist filling my trolley whenever I have a visit to Ikea!!...I'm going next week and now I have had even more encouragement...such pretty candles!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  8. Oh we went the other weekend, yes guilty loads of candles fell into our trolley. Was steered away from certain bedding and material though. ~x~

  9. I know what it was...the polka dots :)
    No one in their right mind could go past the polka dots.

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