Thursday, 7 July 2011

Trying Out New Things....

I think if you are someone who enjoys craft, it is nice to try out new techniques occasionally. Sometimes doing the same things all the time for me, can be a little, well, boring. It is easy to get into the routine of same old same old, and I get bored easily, I always have done, and crafting is no exception. I like to experiment all the time. So, having remembered I chose the particular model of sewing machine that I did because a, it came with a darning foot, and b, you can also lower the feed dogs, so I bought it with the intention of trying out some free motion sewing.  Kirstie Allsopp having a go at it also inspired me and I have to say, it just looked so jolly addictive. Yes, I did a little when I first got the machine, excitement at having a new toy meant I just wanted to play, but the darning foot was quickly packed away again and my dogs raised. So, I got my trusty darning foot out, and decided to have a little play....

There are many people out there who are beautiful free motion sewers, and in all honestly I like just playing at it, but as I thought, it is very addictive. Being a free spirited personality it actually suits how I like to work, not too many straight edges, lots of squiggles and swirls and just very free....

Letters I thought would be trickier, but enjoyed playing and look forward to having a go at joined up writing.

I liked the simple flower design, along with the special personalised touch....

So, what would i turn it into, of course, a sweet little girl's tote bag to hold all her special things and keep them safe....

A little ribbon perhaps....

Cute! I enjoyed my little play and can't wait to try out some new designs. Is good for the soul I think to learn new things. Have you been be playing, and tried out any new crafty work?



  1. I like that!! I wonder if my sewing machine does that ... will have to investigate!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I still haven't unpacked my new machine! But today is 'Operation Flag Day' and I am going to make some bunting for Sian, (
    So, here goes...
    Z xx

  3. Such a pretty name ;o) if only my Jessica would go by her real name and still like pretty things :o(

    B xxx

  4. wow! that is brilliant, the bag looks so pretty. x

  5. I bought myself a free motion foot the other week but am yet to play. Well done, this is lovely

  6. Aahhh that is just so sweet!

  7. I keep meaning to try that, the bag looks gorgeous!
    Lovely finds in your last post too!
    Rachel x

  8. Very cute I need to practice ++ with my free motion foot!

  9. Free motion embroidery is very addictive, wonky lines and frayed edges add to the appeal I think.

    The tote you made is so sweet, someone's going to be receiving a lovely little bag..........

    Claire :}


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