Wednesday, 27 July 2011

National Geographic Kids Magazine....

I don't know about you, but as a parent I am SO easily led when it comes to purchasing magazine's for my children. I always think, well it shall keep them occupied on long journeys. Invariably they have no substance, offer a freebie that although looks good on paper, breaks within a day, has about 7 pages and yet the magazine itself has cost me a small fortune.

It made for a lovely change to find this highly inspirational magazine aimed at children from National Geographic Kids and my children ( and I ) thoroughly enjoyed our read....

Taken from the NGK website it goes on to say....

 "The magazine is a monthly magazine, which brings boys and girls a whole new way to explore and in every issue, readers will go on a journey of discovery, with interactive articles about nature and the environment, world cultures, science, space and lots more. With fun puzzles and quizzes and exciting things to make and do. National Geographical Kids is irresistible to readers and a great resource for children, parents and teachers. Jam-packed with fantastic features and amazing images. Every month, readers will come face-to-face with exotic wildlife, discover ancient cultures and civilizations, explore the wonders of the natural world, read about their favourite stars, and get creative with exciting things to make and do. Lets get kids excited about their world. "

And I have to agree with every word, a high quality read for all the family, and I very much enjoyed reading it along with the children. Miss. Poppins loved learning how to think like a tiger....

And Master Poppins loved learning about the penguins....

And I was quite happy having a little read about Harry Potter....

So, a really excellent read, and much more what I have in mind for my own children to read. There is also a 50% offer on a subscription, which you can take advantage of here and works out at less than £2 an issue. Well worth it I say, and much better value that the other magazines I normally get.

Oh, and the freebie wiggly worm is still going strong after many plays with....



  1. my eldest gets this - its great - i read it too!!!

  2. I've considered getting this for my kids but having a review like this makes me feel more certain to get it, esp the 50% off! Thanks

  3. Cool! Grace is a bit young yet, but it does look good. I am however tempted to get it for myself as I used to have one of those wiggly worms and they RULE! Hope you are well x

  4. Mary, quite whom has had the most fun with this magazine, eh Mrs????

    Looks really good, will have to inspect myself!


  5. National Geographic consistently does good work. Not surprised at your experience with the magazine.

  6. Yes this is one of the few that my Little Miss gets and we both love reading it. We also get the Jacqueline Wilson one occasionally and Dr Who was a gift subscription.


  7. This may seem a strange question but could you tell be what the pet "Cover Star" is in this specific issue. It's on the page where children send in pictures of their pet.


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