Monday, 11 July 2011


Sometimes when you have thoughts and feelings trying to escape, you just have to let them run free.

I don't know what it is.... maybe it is the film Marley & Me that I watched last night that's making me a little emotional. Though I think it is perhaps the thoughts of Master Poppins having to stay on in reception just a little longer next term. I just think of him queing up in the reception line again and being his Mummy, it just makes me a little emotional. I am so lucky to have him here, 11 weeks early, and a long time in hospital when he was born. He is still only 4, and a young one at that....

Maybe it is my fault, I do mollycoddle him, I can't help it, my love for him is just so intense I cannot even put it into words. I know it is just going to be for a term, maybe a little longer, and I of course know it shall be in his best interests, he shall have double the friends, and he shall catch up, but I can't help get a little emotional about it.

I am so proud of how far he has come....

His quirky sense of style and personality is just adorable....

More than anything in the world I am proud of his achievements, but the achievement I am most proud of, is his fighting for his own life. He is my little fighter, who was resuscitated 3 times at birth and went from strength to strength. I should probably be more concerned with his schooling, his academic progress, his grades, but I am just happy he is here, that he is a socially happy and healthy little boy. Shouldn't that be enough. Miss Poppins sails through school, is on the YGT register, loves to learn, enjoys school and although I don't want to map her life out, I know she shall do well in anything she does, and I am so proud of her, I really don't know where she gets her brains from. Master P however I feel shall have to work that little bit harder. I guess what I am waking up to, is that you can actually have two children born of the same parents and who are, and can be, quite very different in many aspects. We just have to go with it, and adapt to their differing needs.

So, he SHALL be alright, he won't be made fun of, and I think, maybe just maybe, I shall be alright too....

Thanks for listening



  1. What a lovely little boy you have. I can understand you being proud of him, he did come a long way. "Never mind" his academic abilities, they can come later. He is still so young, let him enjoy I'm sure you do.

    Hugs from a childless Marian (unfortunately)

  2. Hugs to you Mary,

    I think he is going to be just great after all he has you watching out for him and loving him 200% and i know you will be cheering him on his he is real cutie!

    My eldest boy has just finished three years in the sixth form instead of two like his friends,but he has done it and he made new class friends and is now going on to university....sometimes some of us just need a little longer but we all get there in the end,

    Love to you Kristina xx

  3. Hello Mary - Trust me, all will be well. When we are in the throes of our littlies being littlies it is all so overwhelming and we worry even though we tell ourselves we won't worry and it'll be fine. Just take each day as it comes and relish live healthy babies :) As you know I have lost two babes of my own so I know some of your hurt and know how lucky we are to have our children. But it is only natural to worry - to be on the look out for our kids is what makes us Moms after all!
    As for your son's school stuff - I am an ex primary school teacher - if you ever need someone to listen to the school stuff - well you know where I am.
    Much love and a (hug) and never forget you're a great Mom!

  4. After giving you a large hug, i'd like to say, remember everyone has their own talents, they are not always academic, where would be be if every one was!!!! we'd understand the universe but wouldn't have anything to wipe our bums on! as he gets older you'll discover his talents and you can help him achieve in which ever direction they take him (assuming its not body snatching!!)

  5. Hi Mary

    I was touched by your post. I also watched Marley & Me as I can imagine many did.. not too many dry eyes in the house..

    I am a therapist so apologies for the slightly off the beat response.

    Sounds from your post you do know what it is.. who said the other kids will laugh at him? What if they don't?

    Is this about size for you? you mention this in your post... he may be smaller than others for whatever reason, but that is ok.. isn't it?

    From your post it sounds to me like you are confident in him and his ability, he has fought for his life.. how fantastic is that!

    You said, shouldn't that be enough.. ?? What would be enough for you?

    I agree with you, it is absolutely possible for 2 people (or more) to be raised in the same environment and be completely different, we all process information differently and we make sense of this ourselves.

    Hope this has been useful!

    Take care

  6. Aahhh bless him, look how adorable he is.
    He is still so young & we are not all alike, thank goodness! It is better for him to get a good start isn't it than fall behind & find it harder later on, there is plenty of time for him to catch up to the big boys, he cetainly will be one of them before long won't he!

  7. Thanks so much for your touching comments. I aim to pop by your blogs to say thanks too. Really appreciated. Regarding his size he has caught up really well and is the same size as them all, and even won one of the school sports day races. I think with Master P, he is 4 and many of his peers have been 5 for so much longer and are even nearly 6, so there is quite a big gap, emotionally and maybe academically he just needs that catch up time. x

  8. My daughter was 4 late August and so was one of the youngest and even younger emotionally. The school made no concessions for this and she just got on with it. May be if she had been able to stay in reception a bit longer, be one of the older children that would have helped? We'll never know but shes just finished school and like you I'm now a little worried as the college students all look so grown up.

    Look on the extra reception as his chance to be the oldest and help show the new pupils how its done. He'll be the one the other children look up to.

    My daughter was quiet at school and had to work extra hard as lessons did not come easily to her but she got there in the end. Your post brings a few memories back for me. I'm sure, like my daughter, things will turn out fine.

  9. bless his heart.that age gap is bound to make a difference children grow up so fast,im sure he will be where they are when he is their age.
    he's still so v.young and im sure he will be fine,but its in our nature to worry about everything as a mummy i worry about my little girl around other children and shes just 1!!all we can do is love them and keep that hope that those niggling doubts just wont come true

  10. He's a gorgeous wee poppet and please don't worry, he'll catch up quickly and be fine. I speak as a mother of a prem boy who is now in his 3rd year of Uni (studying Classic's). The other young man is catching up his points to enter Uni and working hard which he didn't do last year. Boy's, wonderful creatures that they are, march to the beat of a different drum and do things their way, we can only support and love them, which is exactly what you are doing.

  11. I work at a small primary school and we split our year 1's so some stay in Reception and some go into class 2. It is always hard to make a decision about which children move and which stay but I have to say the one's that stay in Reception get a lot more one to one help and by the time they move to class 2 they have caught up with their peers and we never have any trouble from the 'older' year 1's making fun of the younger one's they all play together and it never seems to cross their minds. Don't worry he will be fine.

  12. PS and I forgot to say the year 1's in Reception are always looked up to by the reception children and they have a sense of responsibility and love being the oldest in the class!

  13. Oh isn't he just absolutely gorgeous. He'll be fine, I think it evens itself out in the end. Plus being academic is not everything - I think its pushed too much at our children. Being a lovely sweet natured person will take him a long way. Happy people succeed in life.

    I'm worried about my little boy at the moment. He's only 18 months & I know it's silly but he's so quiet and not talking as yet - others are his age. I came out of Rhythm Time and just felt so sad as he seemed so much younger compared to the others. I just wanted to scoop him up and not let go. I worry about everything!

    sam xx

  14. What a lovely little boy you have, he will be fine with a caring mother like you beside him. He sounds such a little fighter but its hard as a parent - all I seem to do is worry sometimes about mine. I'm sure he will be fine and will find this own path in life x

  15. Oh bless him! What an amazing mop of golden hair he has! He has a supportive Mum who loves him very much and that is the MOST important thing in the world. Someone who loves him, gives him time, helps him with his progress,reading, etc, engages him in hobbies, additional activities besides the academic, helps him to be the person he wants to be-to be himself, who values the child they have been blessed with. I come across so many children whose parents don't give them time and those things, and that is when they suffer, academically, emotionally, socially. He will be absolutely fine with your love and support, even if he has had to stay in reception for longer!

  16. Much better staying back now,than when he is older falling behind, after all he really is still a baby, and in many other countries they don't start school until they are older. Boys especially benefit from being older in the school year rather than one of the youngest, they need a bit more time for the maturity. I think it will be a good thing.


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