Thursday, 14 July 2011

Chad Valley Toy Review....

Thanks for your lovely comments and feedback on my previous post, I know deep down Master Poppins shall be fine, but I think worrying comes with the job title of being a mummy I guess. Like most four year old boys, he loves toys, and his eyes certainly lit up when he was sent the Chad Valley Emergency HQ toy to have a play with.

He couldn't get into the box quick enough, and as you can see I had to cellotape areas back up to take these photographs. What is it with boys and their toys. Anyway on getting it all out, we decided to put it all together so he could have a play.

 I am not the best qualified when it comes to putting things together, so handed over to Mr.P who well, IS good at putting things together. Soon, we had a fully functioning toy. Whilst Master Poppins was having a little play, we noticed one of the garage doors wasn't pulling up properly. Though Master Poppins really did not mind at all, and it didn't take anything away from his enjoyment of the toy, I thought I would let Chad Valley know, as the garage doors are quite integral to the toy itself. It was just a little mention to them really as I was reviewing the toy with Master Poppins, and I felt it right and proper to let them know. Being the professional toy brand that they are, they straight away sent out a replacement, that arrived promptly, and was in perfect working order, garage doors all lifting like butter through a knife.

So, it was back to play, and Master Poppins loves it. He so likes playing with the vehicles that came with it....

 The light effect and sounds are a real hit, and he loves using the lift to transport his vehicles to get up to the helipad....

The Emergency HQ shall also be available in the new Argos catalogue that comes out on the 30th July. And with a little boy who has a birthday coming up, I think I shall be hop footing it to get the catalogue myself.


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