Sunday, 3 July 2011

Car Bootylicious....

Oh me oh my, I do love a car boot, though the year has just gone so quickly and Sunday's have been busy days with lots going on, and I just haven't had the chance to venture out to one. Until now that is....

I have to say on first looksy I didn't think I was going to find much ( you know things all very nice'n all, but just not really my cup of tea ) And as for what peeps were charging, I would have thought they'd have been better off at the auction houses ;0) Anyway onwards I went with my pennies in hand, I am a gal who likes to spend her 50p's, maybe a pound here and there, and if something is extra spesh, maybe £2. Anyway a woman on the lookout for pretties never gives up, and so I thought I would share with you what little treasures came home with me....

If ever I see a pair of pretty glass candlestick's, especially at a pair for a pound, I am a happy gal, and these three pairs were beautiful....

And then I spied some pretty beads and a cute bracelet in my kinda colours, all for 50p....

When I saw a little floral sewing bag for £1, I thought yes, I shall have that thank you. Nice surprise to find the little sewing and knitting extras in it were also included....

I collect little shot glasses, and when I saw this set of 5 ( probably were originally 6, but hey I am not fussy ) beautifully etched vintage floral ones at 20p each, I thought a pound well spent....

I just fell in love with the pretty floral design....

I hot footed it to the table when I saw this stunning 1920s/30's ish beautiful rose pink opaque bowl on a silver stand. I just adore it, even with the small crack inside the glass, which isn't that noticeable, and doesn't take away any of it's beauty. I think if you fall in love with something, you have to have it. Of course I always want a bargain and actually enjoy the bartering, so was very happy when I got it for £1.50. It has a lovely art deco design....

And think it is perhaps a pudding/fruit bowl, or even perhaps a pretty place to keep ones necklaces....

I loved the charmful look of these 20p boys story books, and think shall look lovely on Master Poppins' shelf....

One was even given as an award....

Ohooo spied another glass bowl, I likey and bartered the lovely gentleman down to a very good price....

I loved the detail....

You can never have enough pretty vases, and for 50p, well, alright then, you can come home with me....

You can probably tell I am quite a passionate shopper, and I know what I like when it jumps out at me, and boy, did these unused and sealed cocktail sticks jump out....

Don't you think they are just delicious, and a pound well spent in my eyes. The original price on too....

I loved the old enamel jar, and a bargain at £2....

Beautifully clean and tidy inside....
And I love a bit 'o character....
I loved the feel and look of this angora cardigan, even on a boiling hot day I knew I would have a use for it someday, 50p well spent....
Seemed to be a colour I liked as I saw this not long after....
Any ideas....
It is very similar to my 'Lusty' Lloyd Loom laundry bin I was kindly given via Freecycle, the freecycle one has the original, I think, gold colour to it, and looking closer at this tangerine coloured one, it certainly has the gold underneath.
No marks or labels though, but after a little bartering, I got it for £1.50 and it shall be tarted up ( probably a different colour ) and go next to Master Poppins bed.
This has to be one of my favourite spends of the day, and for £2 I love it!
And classed as a vintage one too I think....
I am not sure what era, and it is a Kangol.... 
And in perfect condition. Would you like to see what it looks like on....
Oh, dear, far too serious! Something a little jollier don't you think....
I even wore it as I went around, lots of head turning and many a conversation was had about the hat with onlookers ;0) I can't wait to wear it to a do, a wedding even.
Of course I couldn't leave Master Poppins out. Batman is the favourite in the house, Spiderman is just so passé so for £1, he was more than happy with his little haul....
Hope you enjoyed seeing what came home with me :0)


  1. Oh goodness that's a fab haul! Particularly coveting the cocktail sticks and enamel, although the pink glass is adorable too. You had so many bargains, is the car boot locatoin a secret?
    Fran x

  2. Wow didn't you do well!....Love your pretty little shot glasses,in fact love all your fabbytastic finds ,well done you.
    X Manda X

  3. What a great car boot sale!! Mt favourites are those lovely candlesticks, and the Lloyd Loom linen bin!!
    Prices were great, and I certainly know what you mean about the crazy prices sometimes. I have found cheaper prices at antique shops before!!

    Sharon xx

  4. I wish I'd have gone to that car boot- what amazing finds! It helps to have a good eye though. I really like the shot glasses....and your hat- wow!

  5. I think they knew you were coming!! Lots of lovelies. I particularly liked the candle holders but the hat is a snip too and you look so chic in it!
    Do you set yourself a limit for spending or just buy what you like?
    ps. thank you for your last comment on a recent post of mine.

  6. Ooo what great finds! It's so hard to find a spare sunday isn't it! I wish I could go every week, but I'm always too busy! I love the enamel jug and all the glassware! Very pretty! x

  7. I absolutly cannot wait for next Sunday when I will rise with the lark and lug my non pregnant body round my local bootsale accompanied by the new buggy and it's extra large shopping basket and fill it with pretties!! What a fab haul you had today.

  8. Fab!
    Full of Mary Poppins pretties....
    Love your new banner too Mrs!


  9. Nothing better than a boot sale you think you're not going to find anything at and then come home a full boot load!

    Victoria xx

  10. WOW!!! What amazing finds!!

  11. I am just wondering if that hat isn't a design that belonged to the late aristocrat "Kanga" - I can't remember her proper name but she was really good mates with prince charles and has a thriving business in the 1980's...she was pretty nutty though and died in the 1990's - I think. She was Aussie but English...

    Love all your goodies, hat looks lovely

  12. OMG I feel terrible now - I just googled her and she actually did have mental health problems - she was lady Dale Tyron...I meant she was eccentric not having a laugh at her health issues!

  13. Oh my goodness I love it all!!!!
    I especially love the glass wear!
    Goodness you did well Missy!
    Loving the hat!

  14. Everything is just lovely - particularly like the glassware. What a successful day!

  15. Some fantastic bargains there, you did really well. Love the bowls and candleholders, gorgeous xx

  16. Oh what lovely goodies you have found. Those shot glasses are wonderful.


  17. Wonderful finds .... love the look of your blog with all the bunting.

  18. You had a good bargain hunting session!!
    Our local bootsale is on this weekend, so hoping I will be as lucky or eagle eyed as you!!!

  19. Great finds there, nice to see some vintage still around. i t seems to be getting scarce around these parts x

  20. Oh my goodness..I'm coming to your car boot sale,what amazing them all! :0)

  21. Wow! An amazing lot! I'm with you on the candlesticks! I always try to find them- great for making cakestands!

  22. Wow! Love it all but particularly loving the sewing bag and the enamel jar! Cx

  23. Blimey, how did you get that lot home!

    Love the little shot glasses. They are adorable.

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