Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Busy Girl's Guide To Sewing....

One of the books I am enjoying reading and reviewing is The Busy Girl's Guide To Sewing which is due to be released in August. I am a busy little bee and I really enjoy sewing, though sometimes I am too busy doing the real life things to get on with the sewing, and likewise am too busy sewing to get on with the life stuff. So when I was sent this book to have a looksy at, I thought would be perfect for me, my love of sewing and my busy life.

Really beautiful and inspiring introduction....

I loved the way the chapters were set out....

1....30 Minutes Or Less
2....1 Hour Or Less
3....4 Hours Or Less

Some wonderful sewing machines to drool at....

And I love the Hippy Hoopy Wall Art. Infact, I have been having a go at doing my own wall of hippy hoopy wall art at home, I just love the look....

I really like the idea behind this book, that has been written by Carrie Maclennan, who is the main creative mind behind The Made In The Shade Maisonette, a shop/gallery/crafty hangout, promoting off-beat design, creativity and vintage lifestyle in Glasgow. Many crafters, including moi, just find there is never enough time in the day, and these fun, quirkily styled projects can be completed in a day, or spaced over a few weekends, so crafters can have the satisfaction of finishing, ( I like the sound of that ) as well as starting, projects. It also includes advice on sourcing fabric, upcycling, blogging, joining online communities and more for the ultimate experience for busy girls who sew. Yay! So I thought I would get on with a little project from the book and as I have a mountain of hardback notebooks, that I cover in various ways ( though does take time ) I thought I would use the books tips and project to quickly cover a notebook, real easy and real quick. You could infact make a stack of these and give out as gifts.

One thing I would say when following projects is I like real photographs, you know, as you go along, they just in a way make things easier to follow, and make the project in my opinion more appealing. Though I have to say the tutorial for covering a notebook in this book, was simple to follow and was indeed quick to whip up, no need for a lining, or interfacing. So, I got my simple ingredients together....

After some simple measuring and ironing of the edges, I chose a pretty decorative stitch on my machine to decorate the edges....

Yes, I kinda likey....

Then it was simple case of  wrapping the fabric around the notebook until there were equal sized folds inside the front and back cover. When happy you pin in place and then using the same decorative stitch, sew along both long sides of the cover, stitching the folds in place as you go. And voila....
A pretty notebook cover for a special princess. Honestly, this really has to be the simplest notebook cover I have ever made, and is perfect for covering those inspiration books, diaries etc you may have, these covers are just a lovely little make. So thumbs up for this cool, crafty, inspiring, book, a perfect craft book for a busy gal like me.


  1. That method of covering notebooks looks very similar to mine - in fact one of my sixth formers asked me to cover a notebook for her as she liked them so much.
    I will have to look out for that book on Amazon - thanks for the review

  2. Looks like a great book! No more more more books... ;-) Fairly easy to do at the moment as I have no more money.

  3. looks fab, just have to get over my fear of using the sewing machine :-)

  4. I love books, I love sewing, I love books about sewing, this one looks fab, I especially like the photos, they look quirky x

  5. Oh i love lbooks like this, problem is it makes me go out and buy loads of fabric that I never use!

  6. Looks like I am going to have to look out for this book. I do like the idea of the times.



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