Monday, 27 June 2011

Saving My Pennies For....

I am doing a little saving up of the shoe fund pennies, and, although I am a girl who loves her heels, am also attracted to a shoe that goes by the name of Dr. Marten. Although I haven't owned a pair for years and years, when I saw these I was transported back to my days of being a student, the lovely friends I encountered and the fun outfits I used to wear.

I adore them, no, I ADORE them, and couldn't wait to try them on in the shop....

I even borrowed Master Poppins' socks to get a good feel for them....

Yes every angle you could think of....( if you look closely I have one Dr. Marten on one foot, and one high wedge heel on the other, very fetching ;) I can see me wearing so many cute little outfits with these and the lovely floral detailing is so pretty. The boot features a coral red canvas upper, the classic lace-up fastening and a thick gripped bouncy rubber sole, along with a branded loop tab to heel and top stitch detail.

I was so sad to put these back....Are you saving up for a must have item?


  1. Ooooooh, they are gorgeous! I LOVED my DMs as a teenager! So cool and comfy! These are soooo pretty!

  2. Ooooh! I have also been transported back to my youth! I practically lived in my DMs for years! Those floral ones are simply delish!

  3. LOVE them! I used to wear high heeled Doc's. They looked great with long skirts. I thought they added a little 'sophistication' to grunge :-) Those were the days...I'm now saving up for a bread-maker. I'm on a mission to be more self sufficient and green in my home.Good luck with the saving!

  4. i have never owned a pair of brother has and loves 'em
    i was completely unaware that they made them in such gorgeous prints now!

    i hope it doesnt take too long before they are yours ;)

  5. Look forward to seeing you wear them soon!

  6. Every day that I go to work, I walk past a DM shop. Yes, it is full of enticing designs that have very witty ways of updating the company's classics.

    The floral prints are very enticing.


  7. I love DMs too and have a yearning for a pair but hubby never seems too keen when I mention them. Maybe I should just ignore him...... Cx

  8. They used to make DM's in my village, and the one next to me! There is still a factory shop in the village next door. Will have a look one day!
    Didn't realise they did floral ones : )
    Sharon xx

  9. Ooooh me likey, I might have a saving up for item on my list now!!


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