Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not Quite Practical, But Very Pretty....

Do you ever buy things that, well, you deep down know has no real purpose apart from looking pretty....

When I saw 12 CK placemats for the kitchen table at £4.99, I thought Ohooo what a super bargain. I must have them.

Then I realised they were made out of paper!! I mean really, how practical is that going to be on the table with two young children, who love their drinks, ketchup and ice cream....

Well my philosophy is, life is for living. I no longer save my best for best occasions, I love this quote....

' Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't save it for a special occasion. Today is special.'

So, the paper placemats are at the kitchen table and the children eat and drink using them, and they look pretty! Perhaps 4 have had their pretty use already and no longer look too pretty, but hey why save them for a special occasion, every day is special....

Of course, I had to get the matching napkins too ;0)


  1. Beautiful table mats! And so true - every day is special and it's good to enjoy things you like all the time. I knew someone who's mother used to say 'always use the best dishes' (rather than stuff them away in the back of a cupboard), and I often think of that when I get out something breakable to use in daily life. Enjoy!
    Helen x

  2. Hey good for you ! they are lovely
    Sue x

  3. I completely agree. I used to always save things for special occasions, but they'd end up never being used or not being their best by the time I decided the occasion was special enough, or I'd gone off them by then! It was such a waste. I always try now to just use the good stuff at the time I'm in love with it! Live for now! :o)

  4. This may sound a bit silly so I apologise in advance but could you not laminate them to make them last longer?
    They are very pretty though : ) xxx

  5. I totally agree! why save the best and never use it! I've started doing this too, otherwise you forget you have it :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Paper placemats may not be practical but yes very pretty!

    I'm with you, use the pretty things everyday!

    Victoria xx

  7. Very pretty but not too good to use!!
    I used to keep some of my daughters pretty clothes for "best" until I realised that she just grew out of them without hardly wearing them!! So I'm with you!

  8. Very pretty, I so agree why keep pretty for best!

    Ive DMd you on Twitter with my details. Thank you for picking me xx

  9. Very pretty! I think you are right. Why save them! If I start saving things I never use them. I have been like that for a long time.

  10. Not sure what size they are, not sure if they're still around, not sure if you have a laminator............just a thought! xx

  11. So pretty!!! And who cares if they don't last forever, at least you'll have got the enjoyment out of them for a short time instead of them being stuck in a drawer or something! They are gorgeous, a good buy! xx

  12. Love them! And very pretty too! I save things for best far too often!

  13. Beautiful table mats and your mantra is one I keep repeating to myself too. How about laminating 4 of the tablemats for permanent use - please ignore if you think thats a stupid suggestion (I often make stupid comments before fully thinking through).

    Keep up the great work, love popping by your blog and seeing your beautiful handiwork.

    Love & Best Wishes

    Chrissie x

  14. They are lovely, and totally agree with using the special stuff everyday - great quote :o) Scarlett x

  15. I very much like the quote. I think I might have to incorporate that into my life :o) xx

  16. Hi Mary! :)
    I agree with several of the ladies above that mentioned laminating them :) They are quite lovely and yay! for you using them now instead of waiting for some 'special time' because now is special as well! :D
    Thank you for sharing your pretties! :)
    Have a beautiful day! :D
    *hugs & loves*
    ~Mippy :)

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