Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Nature Valley....

Being a lover of cereal bars, I was keen to try out Nature Valley's new Crunchy & More Bars I was sent the loveliest little treat bag, which included some of their new bars to try out, together with some gardening gloves, an intriguing piece of plantable paper, which, when planted, shall grow the prettiest of flowers and a usb stick which included lots of information and pretty photographs. And all in a very functional jute bag.

 The idea of the gardening theme is, coinciding with the launch their new range of ' Crunchy & More ' granola bars, Nature Valley have also created a facebook application called 'Gardens To Go'. You can find out about it here by clicking on the facebook link. In the application you are able to create your own miniature garden. They’re going to select the best 50 entries and turn them into real-life mini gardens. One lucky miniature garden designer will win tickets to The Secret Garden Party, 2011  and 3 runners-up will receive a year’s supply of  'Crunchy & More' granola bars. The closing date for entries is 3rd June 2011, so you don't have long to get going and make up your own mini garden paradise.

And as for how the new bars taste...thumbs up from all the Poppins, they really have that extra little crunch, perfect for the children's lunch boxes, are filling with just the right amount of sweetness for me, and a really lovely little cereal bar to eat on the go....nom nom ;0)



  1. I tried some of these bars and they are yummy! Scarlett x

  2. i love nature valley bars. i think they're totally different from other cereal bars, which is probably why i like them and am not particularly keen on most other kinds of cereal bars (so many seem sortof... gooey).
    but then i wonder if there is a specific difference between a GRANOLA (which is cereal, no?) bars and CEREAL bars. or is it just semantics. or is granola really snack mix more than cereal? because i like granola bars.
    yum, though. and hurray for an expansion of a great brand!


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