Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Blogging For Me....

Little Mary Poppins for one reason or another is having an emotional time of it in real life, just life's little hurdles and all that they bring. As I can be somewhat of an emotional person anyway....when I cry, I cry buckets, not just one solitary tear, I can feel a little drained at times and one of reasons I enjoy the blogosphere so much is that for me it is like a little escape, no real life worries here in this pretty place which often on other blogs is bursting with beautiful photographs, dreamy prose, and wonderful, creative, inspiring craft work.

I feel very lucky to have made contact, albeit in a cyber way, with some very lovely people behind the blogs, and even to have met some too. I think about all the lovely cards and little special words that have come my way over the years of blogging....

And I feel touched, I can't bare to throw any of the beautiful cards away that other bloggers have sent. Some even go into frames to be dotted around the house to remind me of blogging and what it means to me. Yes I do reviews, I enjoy doing them and it certainly breaks up the what can be at times monotonous nature of my life...but I do feel my heart is still in it, my soul and for now, however many times I hover over delete, thinking enough is enough, my blogging has come to the end of the road....I cannot do it, something inside me says no, stop! I do not blog for followship, or to be on some bloggy list of top blogs out there, for awards or even to get custom for my handmade pretties. I blog for me, yes, it has taken a little while to realise this, but I blog to just share a little of my life with whoever would like to read, and you know what, maybe I shall still be here blogging into old age....and has actually made me think....I wonder how old the oldest blogger is? 

Happy blogging!



  1. Oh Miss Poppins!!!
    Don't EVER hit that DeLeTe Button!!! You are my inspiration...Really you are. I think I sing from the same hymn book as you and just enjoy sitting & blogging from time to time... as well as a little crafting. We should get together for that coffee soon..
    "Get Well" HuGs to Lil Miss P

  2. Ah Mary... my blogging has been a bit spasmodic of late but it's always there to pop back to as and when ...

    Sometimes I think I'll jack it in but it's no good thinking that cos I just change my mind again!

    Sending love.

  3. Glad to hear there is to be no more hovering over the delete button! You're so right to blog for you! I too have had days of can't be bothered, what is the point but I like my ramblings, I like reading comments from friends and new bloggers where I have another new blog to visit and enjoy!

    I don't think I could be without it now,

    Victoria xx

  4. I completely agree with you! I blog for me, not for stats or lists or free stuff or any of that. You are amazing and I hope you continue blogging as and when you like. Great big hugs to you and Miss P, hope all is well very soon.

  5. Never ever hit the delete button for as soon as you have you will regret it.

    We all have days when we really don't feel like blogging, you know the days when all you want to do is hide yourself away from the world.

    It's on days like that I tend to read other people's blogs and look at whose blogs they read. I then find lots of inspiring blogs that help to lift my mood and get me blogging.

    That's how I came across your blog only very recently. So you see you can't delete your blog.

    Hoping that you'll be feeling positive very soon.


  6. I so enjoy your blog - I only wish I'd discovered it sooner! (I only know of one blogger who hit the delete button on her whole blog and then she wished she hadn't!)I agree with all you say about the uplifting pleasure of visiting lovely blogs, popping into other's 'lives' and being inspired in all sorts of ways. I haven't been blogging very long (only a year next month) but I'm amazed at the lovely people I've met through blogging. And you put into words something I'd thought - I wonder how long we will blog for?? will we be in our dotage but still blogging!! I hope so!
    Have a happy week. Helen x

  7. just sending a large cyber hug, your blog is important cos it has meaning for you and from what i read others too. sometimes it nice to read others rambling cos they are so like our own and thus we are not alone. (that was a ramble!)

  8. I love listening to you on your blog, not been blogging long myself but I do so enjoy it, it's so addictive :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. Step away from the delete button! I really enjoy your posts! Your really are my Mary Poppins (said in a cockney accent)!!!!

    I did have a bit of a bloggy meltdown and did a post about being overwhelmed with all the blogs I love to follow, I went AWOL for a while but I am glad to be back!

  10. Hey Mary,

    Yes I agree i think you would so regret that delete button meltdown. But do understand sometime the why am I doing this nature of blogging.

    For me I have long since realized that I could not commit to uber blogging, and have found that when i do post its because I enjoy the faffing with pictures and constucting a post. I think the rule of blogging is not to be too long or wordy but as you can see that is not me. I love visiting your blog and all the prettiness within.

    Blogging has helped me over the past few years to see the smaller picture and not hanker so much after the bigger one. I hope we will all be popping up stuff on our blogs well into our eighties! lol.

    MBB x

  11. There are so many likeminded people in the' world of blog' In the real world I only have 1 friend who would understand my squeals of delight at a little vintage find!The others would think I'm a bit bonkers!I love it that you can just pop in and out when you feel like it, no pressure!
    We could be blogging on zimmer frames!
    Rachel x

  12. I am so glad you keep on keeping on blogging. I only realised a couple of days ago I hadn't actually clicked 'Follow' so I soon remedied that.
    Like you feel, I don't do it for the followers, I'd still write if I had none, but I do love the interaction with fellow bloggers. It has been a great support.
    So, please don't stop! Hoping Lil Miss P is feeling happier!
    Z xx

  13. Love this post Mary, and I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you as you were the first 'virtual' person to buy a hairclip from me an gave me the confidence to sell them - thank you. Have you ever thought of getting it printed so you have a little book of your past blogs to read when you are older.

  14. I think that is exactly it, you have to blog for yourself first and foremost, when and how you want to. I was lucky in a way I guess as I kept a blog for nearly two years before I even discovered others were out there and that there were such a thing as blogging lists, followers and such like. Mine was completely private, well except for two friends who could sign into it. So I guess what I'm saying is that when I started up my current blog, I was already in that place where it was for me first and foremost so I never really feel obligated to blog. At first I wanted to keep it all happiness and light, but hey real life isn't always like that is it.

    Your Little Miss P is at the age when things do start to get tough, I really feel for her and you as it is not easy at times.

    {{hugs}} Lorraine

  15. What a lovely blog post :) I love blogging, it's part of me now, dunno what I will do when I move house as the internet coverage is very poor, just one company to choose from and they are expensive I think :(

    All things nice...

  16. i have deleted my blog several times and regreted it!
    your blogs always a joy and as for the reviews!i would do them to..if only i was asked to do them...just goes to show people appreciate your opinion which cant be taken as anything but a compliment


  17. Hiya
    Just a note to say thank you for thr lovely Rosie Flo giveaway and the pretty heart ! I will do a post about it asap
    Thanks again

    Sue xx


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