Saturday, 9 April 2011

Vintage Deckchair Makeover....

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback on my crossroads post, I aim to get back to you and say thanks too. I am slowly putting the wheels in motion which would enable me to get out, work with others whilst also doing the crafting which I love so much. I have really appreciated your excellent advice, tips and comments.

To keep me busy, and whilst the days are getting lighter and sunnier I thought I would get on with a makeover on one of my vintage deckchairs that I picked up for a song at the car boot yonkees ago. Here they are looking lovely as they are are, but I wanted to make them a little more girly and prettier.

The original canvas was in really good condition so after some super advice about keeping the canvas on, which would make a good support for the new fabric, I decided I wouldn't untack it. The original canvas is tacked on so I simply took some measurements, hemmed the edges neatly on the new fabric, and tacked it on top. Now if I was selling these, I would pop a cover under the canvas also, so you could see the pretty fabric from the back too, but as they shall be for my own use I just used a top cover.

These vintage deckchairs also have a a wooden shade that you can just make out in the photograph at the back, and swings over the top. I think at some point I shall cover these too, as would look quite pretty, though I haven't quite worked out how to do this yet, as they didn't come with any canvas on, am not quite sure how they would originally have looked. I simply unscrewed them and put to one side for another day. Being a girl who loves her paint, I popped a little undercoat on and then got round to choosing some fabrics....hmmmm not an easy choice, as I have so many I love. I had a little practise run to help me choose the perfect one.

All very nice, but just not doing it for me. Hmmmm I thought, I shall just try out this one. Voila!! Perfect. I promptly got round to hemming the edges and rooting in the garage for some upholstery tacks.

Here it is as a work in progress....  

Looking good I thought, I popped another coat of paint on, though I am actually looking forward to it getting that weathered in look, so I was a little slap dash putting the paint on really.
Just needs a finishing touch I thought.....Ah yes, a sweet little coordinating handmade pillow, ah, that's better.

All I need now is a Pimms and I shall be happy as Larry.



  1. Wow they are fanatstic. You are such a clever lady :) x

  2. So pretty! You definitely can't beat a comfy deckchair in this weather. Long may it last. Love your little neck pillow too!

  3. I soooo neeeed one of those.....


  4. So lovely, very pretty and clever, makes me want to be sitting in one!

  5. How lovely, hope you enjoy many days lazing in them this summer.

  6. These are fantastic. I love the old fashion desk chairs, they are far more comfortable. These are covered in beautiful fabric.

  7. Your deckchair looks fantastic - what a transformation! Hope the good weather continues and you can enjoy it!

  8. There's 2 chairs yes? Enough Pimms for me? I'm on my way...!

    They look perfect!

    Victoria xx

  9. They're fantastic!! Perfect for a lovely British summers day.
    Emma x

  10. hello Mrs P

    I have been painting chairs this weekend too, hasnt this sun been fantastic!


  11. They look lovely. When I had a go at doing this I didn't make the material long enough so when I tried to fold the deck chair up it wouldn't fold flat! Doh!


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