Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mother's Day Pre Loved/Handmade Treats....

I hope you all had a pleasant Mother's day. It can be quite a thoughtful day too sometimes I think.

 For example, we have, or sadly may not have, our own Mother's and Grandmother's with us. We are Mother's ourselves or desperately want to be Mother's. We have our own babes born with us safe, well and happily by our sides. Yet also we have the time of quiet reflection that there are also children born of us that are not with us, and yet shall be remembered forever and not forgotten. Something very close to my own heart. For my little family, it was a very special day, we spent time appreciating how lucky we are to have each other in our lives, and realised just how much as a family we really do love each other. Sometimes life just whizzes by in a mad flurry and you can forget to takethe time out to just stop, and tell people how much you love and care for them.

I was even treated with some lovely gifts from the children, and the best thing about this is not only do I love the little treasures they got me, but shall hopefully be helping others too, as were mostly purchased from second hand shops, so even better that some charities would be having some of my children's hard earned pocket money pennies.

Of course the garden flowers cut especially for me were a delight....

And the lovely cards.

I was so touched by Master Poppins' special writing in his handmade card.

They chose a couple of lovely items of clothing from the second hand shop for me. I love the cute skirt, yes probably look about 12 in it, but really is quite sweet, and is very me.

The white crochet top was only a pound....a pound well spent I think.

They even thought of my love of sewing and bought and wrapped up this 50p remnant of fabric from the Oxfam shop.

Daddy helped with the pocket money funds to buy this shopper bag from the new shop, I adore it and the pretty photographs.

Isn't the little bunny cute too, the husband thought would make a cute spring pin cushion, but I don't know if I can bear to put pins in it.

Back to the second hand shops to purchase this Burberry esque 99p wallet for me....

And they know I have a thing for knitted tea cosies, and this brand new one knitted by the lovely ladies who work in the CS, is so cute.

By now I felt very spoilt, but they had a couple more delights up their sleeves and again from the CS, a brand new set of the most sparkly wine glass charms, I adore them, and can't wait to entertain the girlies with them twinkling at the bottom of our wine glasses.

I had ummed and ahhed over a sweet little miniature oil lamp in the CS, and look what I unwrapped on Mother's Day....

I have visions of young ladies in days gone by holding one of these lighting their way around the house, whilst donned in their Victorian nightwear. Not sure if am brave enough to light it.

It has a wonky base which intrigues me, as when it is on the table, this what looks like a manufactured on purpose wonkiness make the base tip up slightly, and wonder if this has anything to do with the oil or even the wick and how it burns, perhaps the oil should be at an angle.

So a very lucky Mummy indeedy, and very grateful to have two very thoughtful children and husband who know how to make me smile. As for my mum, I treated her again to a second hand bought pretty....

And a cute handmade button Mum decoration from Lovehearts

And couldn't resist a special pretty for her from Kitty Eden My mum loves it :0)

Of course there was lots of chocolates all round too, though they never stay around long enough to take a photograph of, be assured though, they were lovely. So, I am over the moon not one gift has a mass produced tat feel to it, handmade/pre loved/ are all the rage in the Poppins house, and are often the most thoughful gifts of all.



  1. glad you had a lovely mother's day. you got some lovely treats! I love the button mum!

  2. I love your mothers day treats!
    You obviously have very thoughtful children!
    Rachel x

  3. Wow, now thats what I call some gorgeous gifts, love the skirt.
    What a gorgeous handmade card too, great writing to his mama x

  4. Great presents, I adore the little bunny so cute, I couldn't put pins in him either!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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