Sunday, 10 April 2011

Easy2name Craft Label Review....

Thank you for the deckchair love, and your lovely comments. I have made a little start on the other one too, I think it is the sunshine, it just makes me want to makeover everything in sight....I can't resist.

As you may know, I love to handmake many items for the home and for gift ideas. For a nice professional touch I like to pop on pretty woven business labels, I think they are a lovely finishing touch to the item and of course a little advertising too. Not all my items are geared to just women or just men, some are for little boys and girls, and so a pink label on a boy's boat cushion for example really wouldn't do. I would think the new owner wouldn't be very impressed with a pink girly label on his new funky cushion. So I have many labels in many colours and pop the one I think best onto any one particular item. So, pink for the girly girls, blue for the boys, and a lovely neutral and silver for the grown ups. I was just about running out of all these labels when easy2name approached me and asked if I would like to try out some of their Designer Woven Labels.

The company appreciated I love to craft, and as I was on the hunt for some new ones anyway, I emailed back and said I would be happy to try some out, all I had to do was pop my personalisation details over, and then await the labels. I thought I would plum for red stitching for the personalisation as these would suit boys, girls and the grown ups. I quite like the fonts and motif's that I normally use so thought I would stick with those. Everything was straight forward and I have to say the service was quick, friendly and efficient.

 I haven't used easy2name before, who also do stickers, shoe label covers, bag tags and iron on labels amongst many other items, so I was looking forward to seeing what the labels would be like. They arrived very quickly, are lovely I have to say perfect for my crafting projects.

They even sent along some examples of other labels.

I was quite taken with the Bumble Weed one, very cute I thought. Of course, I couldn't wait to make a pretty to pop one of these lovely labels on and so made a cute patchwork style boxy tote bag....

Normally I pop one of my woven labels on the inside lining, or occasionally, sandwich it in the sewn edge so it is like a little loop on the outside. These new labels were to nice to hide away so I popped one on the back, for all to see.


So, I look forward to using up these labels and sewing them onto lots of new pretty items for the spring/summer, and before long shall probably be ordering some more. You can pop your details here if you would like to request a brochure.

Happy crafting!



  1. Those labels are so pretty....I am going to visit the website and have a good look around,
    Susan x

  2. Thank you for sharing this post, I have been looking for some stitched labels, so going to have a look at their website

  3. Lovely labels. I have ordered a catlogue, I see they take Paypal - even better !
    Sue x

  4. Is that the personalised ribbon you ordered?



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