Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tshirt Weather....

Now that the days are getting warmer, it is time to bare my pasty arms and hopefully gain a little colour. In my younger days colour normally came out of a bottle, the smell always used to put me off, does fake tan still have that smell to it....

So when I was sent this personalised Tshirt from TShirt I thought was a good excuse the bare those arms, whilst pottering in the garden.

It really is a rather cheeky monkey tshirt and quite cute, and I love the colours. The company can screen print your design onto just about any style you can think of. They have longsleeve, short sleeve, skinny fit, strappy, sleeveless, v neck, polo and if they don’t have just what you are looking for then they can almost certainly source it for you. They also offer T shirts in organic cotton for extra comfort whilst also helping the planet. They are generous sizes and the tshirt could even be worn with a little belt, leggings and flip flops....

Of course however, it is raining today, so shall be worn with my jims jams in bed ;0)


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