Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Most Beautiful Dishcloth In The World....

My goodness, where has the time gone, it only seems like yesterday I was here telling you all about my pretty drawers ;0) Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, I was even approached to see if I would like to tart up future pieces of furniture and sell locally in a beautiful shop so have been very flattered. My next piece shall be an original Art Deco bureau, though am procrastinating on that one a little, just so much on my to do list.........

My gorgeous Miss. Poppins for a while had been telling me that she was working on something very special for me at school in a club she was in. I was very excited to know what it was and she gave me a hint or two, that I would be very proud and perhaps it had a craft element to it....she certainly got me very intrigued. Well I was indeed overwhelmed with proudness when this is what she brought home for me....the MOST BEAUTIFUL dish cloth in the world, hand knitted all by herself, with the superb guidance of a lovely knitting expert at the school.

Isn't it a beauty :0) Not only is my 9 year old daughter a better speller than me, she seemingly is also a better knitter too....I am so very proud of her achievement....

I just can't stop looking at it....

It is so soft and a beautiful oatmeal colour, and I just love it!! And shall it be used as its intended purpose, a dishcloth. No, not on your nelly. It shall be framed as a piece of fine art :0)



  1. It's so cool, like you say a piece of art! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Aah bless, there is love in every stitch. You will keep that forever
    Sue x

  3. Adorable!

    This post reminds me of when I was your daughters age. I used to take extra classes after school for cross-stitching, cooking, beadwork, and environmentally friendly crafts. I'd always make things for my mom and she would love them!

  4. Like mother like daughter Mary,you have obviously passed on your talent!:)

  5. Very nice, I could not bring myself to use it either!

  6. A very special piece straight fom the heart.

    Loving the fabric uderneath as well.

    Pam x

  7. How special, of course you're not going to use it for dishes are you?

    MissP is certainly going to take after her Mummy.

    Love & blessings

  8. How wonderful...and you have brought back some very distant memories of when I made one just the same when I was very young...Yes, you must definitely frame it!
    Susan x

  9. How lovely to find your beautiful blog - and thank you for popping over to mine! I think it's wonderful that your little girl can already knit so well - and that is certainly a piece of knitting to treasure!
    Helen x

  10. that's fab and so thoughtful of her x

  11. Its wonderful when you just can't stop looking at something because its just so special - no longer just a dish cloth but a bit of historical magic that just happens to double up as a dish cloth, lucky you


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