Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Getting Nervous....

In 2006 Master Poppins, who you may know was born prematurely was having a routine heart scan due to a PDA  He was three months old. The PDA which can be quite common in premature babies, looked like it was closing on its own and we were all thinking this would just be a quick scan, all is well, special tea to celebrate. Even though he was three months old he weighed less than a newborn, was so very little and of course I crossed my fingers all would be well. The expert cardiologist began his ultra sound of his heart and I did my very best to work out what I could see on the screen. It was pitch black in the room, although there were lovely twinkling lights above Master Poppins who was very well behaved. It was quiet, the cardiologist  was concentrating. Then I noticed him frown, the mood changed, he called one or two other specialists in, with me not knowing what was going on. Luckliy I had both my husband and my mum with me. The specialists talked, confirming with each other what were seeing on the screen and then looked to me. They had found a completely incidental, and unrelated to his prematurity, heart defect in my son....

I have to be honest and the rest of the day was bit of a blur....we were ushered into a room where a BHF nurse chatted to us, explained what the heart condition was, handed us leaflets and explained that it was imperative my son was treated if not that day, then very very soon. They had found a severe case of Pulmonary Stenosis and we were told it could be treated by a relatively simple procedure explained here So no open heart surgery. We were given a date to come back, was the same week, and he would be admitted onto the cardiac ward at the children's hospital, I could of course stay with him.

So here he is, at three and a half months, not looking very happy at all in his hospital gown about to go down to theatre. Daddy was doing his very best to calm his crying....

He soon calmed a little.... I was actually quite calm, considering, and just like most parents would feel I imagine when their own children go into theatre, you can't wait for the time they wake up, safe, well, and you are told everything went to plan. We were allowed to carry him into the room where the lovely anesthetist met us, and by then Master Poppins had fallen asleep anyway so we just left him sleeping naturally and before they put the mask on....alright one or two tears were shed from both of us as we made our way back upto his room to watch rubbish daytime television to almost take our mind off what was going on downstairs. About 2 hours later were were told he was alright, bit groggy but all had indeed gone well, big relief all round.

Since that day he has had 2 further follow up scans, and so far so good. He is as fit as the next four year old, though of course deep down I am always aware. We were since told it was a severe case, and although is something I don't dwell on, I know that if my son hadn't been born so very early, with that PDA, that required a check up scan, his heart defect wouldn't have been found so very soon, and he may well not be with us now. All those who love and cherish him, his wonderful big sister, realise, although he is possibly one of the most cheekiest monkeys, he is a very special one. So the time has come in a few months and shall be 3 years without a scan, for him to have one, and I am getting nervous. I can feel it already. We have been told he may require another procedure in the future, but we shan't know more until this next scan. I am happy in the fact we have had no symptoms at all, and he really can run as well, if not faster than many of his little friends on the playing fields, but is natural to worry about ones children isn't it. So I can just be positive and pray everything is fine.

If like me you have been in the position of taking your child into theatre for an operation or procedure, that nervous wait during, the hopefully big relief afterwards when you are told all has gone well, then may I offer you a hug. Is quite an emotional experience.



  1. Wishing you the best of luck for Master Poppins' scan x

  2. Oh, I wish you well, I really do!
    Once, two of my three sons had to have an operation at the same time, on the same day. I so remember that day. Like you, I was in a blur... I had taken the older one in for an appointment with the consultant and while we were there, he asked to see the younger one (at one year old, still a babe in arms) to see if he was the same as the other one. He was! so the consultant said he'd do the two together. I was horrified. I've never experienced such stress as that day.
    All was well. We keep smiling but I remember and I feel for you.

  3. I have been there... The waiting... the relief... insecurity..
    Hope everything goes well for your son.
    Love, From Holland (joni)

  4. Hey Mary,

    Wishing you all good luck for the future scan. x

    I know how having a poorly little one can feel. My youngest was born quickly and calmly with no problems. until she was about two weeks Old. And spent nearly 24 hours crying. We did all the usual check you do with a no born but we could not calm her. Long story short she was rushed to hospital. Where Dr's surrounded her and scratched their heads. Talked of water on the knee and other scary things. Although thankfully she did have an operation she did have to have a lumbar puncture. We couldnt bear to witness that. So waited for her to be brought back up to us. It was the worst few weeks of our lives. Thankfully she is a fit and healthy little girl. But I do fuss over her a little more I know.

    I think the only way I could deal with it all was to litterally switch off. That of course brought its own problems.

    Sending you lots of hugs.

    MBB x

  5. Bless him!

    Our 8 year old had his adenoids removed - which is a fairly routine operation (but one we had waited 7 years for!) but that was the longest wait of our lives. My hubby read during the wait but I couldn't even look at a magazine, just had to sit there thinking!!

    Thinking of you now and hoping for the best possible result!

  6. Wow, Hugs to you! I am not surprised you are nervous. I hope everything is ok at this scan. Thanks for sharing! take care x

  7. Fingers crossed that all will be well!
    Rachel x

  8. Big hugs (((( )))), and hoping it all goes well for your little Mr P : )

    Sharon xx

  9. My heart is with you, Grayson has had several times of going under each time my heart goes to a place I did not know exsists, like you we have to have regular checks on certain parts of the body that you are just never sure about.

    I hope all goes well and I am sure it will as you have always described him to be such a lively little fellow.

    I myself was born with a hole in the heart and heart murmur and have been a very lucky girl so miracles do happen.

    Hugs and Kisses


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