Thursday, 17 February 2011

Palmolive Vintage Style Handwash Review....

These beautiful hand soaps were offered for us to test as are new to the market, and we all know my love of all things pretty so couldn't refuse and was delighted to be able to test them out. The hand soaps are made from natural plant extracts and aromatic fragrances, and come in two gorgeous varieties, Lavender & Chamomile and Bergamot & Verbena. As well as a lovely pampering session for ones hands, which leaves them refreshed and lightly fragranced, the vintage styling of the new range will also look so elegant in any any kitchen or bathroom.

These new and very lovely handwashes were made for people like me. I don't really do soap in a dish, and always opt for the handwash if there is a choice. Athough we always have soap in a dish as well as handwash at our bathroom sink, I notice the handwash goes down much more than the soap and these new aromatic handwashes from Palmolive are in a word very pretty.

Bergamot & Verbena
Is Refreshing & Aromatic, you get yourself an instant mood boost with the refreshing Bergamot and Verbena handwash, infused with zesty bergamot oil from Southern Italy and verbena extract.

Lavender & Chamomile
Is Caring & Aromatic, and an experience of the scent of a country garden with Palmolive’s caring Lavender and Chamomile handwash, infused with soothing natural lavender oil from Provence and chamomile extract.

They really are a bargain price too at an RRSP: 250ml of only £1.99, and the best bit is the gorgeous vintage styling they have, perfect for me and my love of all things vintage chic. I can't quite decide which one I prefer. These handwashes I believe are currently only available in Sainsburys and shall be out in Waitrose in March.



  1. These look and sound very nice indeed! We only use hand wash! maybe they will be available in the Netherlands soon.

    Have a nice weekend!

  2. They look lovely ! hope they get them in Tesco soon x


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