Thursday, 17 February 2011

Nature Valley Review....

We love cereal bars here, although Master P does need a little persuading at times to try them, I think they must look too healthy looking for him ;0)  Nature Valley  kindly set us some of their Granola Crunchy Bars to try out. Which are, I have to say very yummy. Being a mum on the run as it were, these are perfect for popping into ones bag on the way out and certainly satisfy my hunger pangs during the day.

They also sent a very nice pair of soft navy gloves, with a little diamante detail, which have already been snapped up by Miss. Poppins.

Being members of the National Trust, we are always packing up little picnics to take here, there, and everywhere, and I thought how very pretty and useful this V&A vacuum flask would be on our days out.

Which, along with the Granola bars and gloves were beautifully presented in a sweet little jute bag. This, shall also come in handy on our days out too.

I also like to browse Nature Valley's Secret Spots escape to nature website, where one can put ones pen down, or in my case my needle and thread, get out of the office, or in my case the house, and escape the hustle and bustle for 5 minutes and discover nature in places one didn't think existed. I feel so fortunate to live on the doorstep of some beautiful countryside, The Peak District, Lancashire, Yorkshire Dales, Snowdonia and The Pennines. And know as a family I wish we took more time out to visit these beautiful places. Though when we do, we shall be sure to stock up on some crunchy Nature Valley bars when hunger comes a calling.


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  1. I love the bars and always take them abroad in case the food is not great!

    Those gloves are divine!


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