Sunday, 20 February 2011

Is It Taking Over....

Do you ever feel you spend too much time on the www, and not enough time in the real world. I have grown to enjoy the www, and all that is has to offer, the inspiration it offers, the lovely people I have *met* online, but this article that many of you may have read really got me thinking....

I sometimes think I shouldnt be actually sitting on my derriere whilst surfing/tweeting etc, I should actually get off my derriere and get busy organising my life into better order. Yes, I do do alot of interaction on the www regarding the selling of my handmade pretties, I have a busy Facebook business page, where I post lots of  photographs like this of the things I make and sell online....

But do I really need all the inbetweeny stuff. Sometimes I only come to check an email or two and then get easily distracted and find myself on various social networking sites talking about my fascination with chocolate/shoes/handbags/ blah blah....

Is it all too much. Is the internet, especially the social networking side of it taking over our lives. I keep seeing these words in front of my eyes when I begin to tap away....
" Stop writing about your life and start living it"
Many of us have internet on the go, so we really can socially interact 24/7. I guess it is a balance, I don't want my children staring into the back of my head whilst I am busy 'networking' though I do feel this is my time, my playtime as it were.

Are you happy with the amount of time you spend online....have you got the balance just right?



  1. I've been having similar thoughts - obviously not re kids not getting attention, but Tim and I have come to blows on many occasions about how much time I spend on the web. I've decided to start taking my laptop on the train and drafting emails/posts and then uploading quickly when I get home. I just spend far too much time on here, and not enough time in the real world.

  2. I don't. I only really spend time on my blog. I deleted my Facebook account and don't do Twitter. I can undertsand how easy it must be when you have accounts in all these social networking sites. I don't like them, fortunately. Maybe it's my age! xx

  3. I have to admit that my www time got a little out of hand last year and I deleted my twitter account. I still keep my blog as I see it as another little creative space to hide out in, but I have to seriously reign myself in with things like facebook. It's all good fun and highly addictive. Like you say you need to be living in real time and not just virtually as well! Talking of real life I really need to go start cooking sunday lunch! Marie x

  4. I'm pretty restrained I think, it's only blogging that I spend time on. Like Lynda I deleted my facebook a couple of years ago, and I've never even been on twitter. I specifically don't 'get into' those things as my life has so many things in it I just don't have the time. I use to be part of an online gaming community a few years ago now and I lost days and days of my life that I will never get back ~ I once took a sick day from work to level up a charachter ~ insane! Needless to say I deleted that account too when I came to my senses.
    Kandi x

  5. I definitely spend more time online than I should - but my problem is ebay! I often moan that I haven't got enough time time to do the housework, but that's because I'd rather be on here! I am on Twitter and Facebook, but to be honest I don't use them that much - I prefer blogging to 'interact' with people.

  6. I have to say the last time my laptop broke I was devastated which is probably not a good sign but I genuinely cant bear being without it. Ive never been on Twitter and although I have a Facebook account I dont use it very often. My vices are online poker and blogging. I love nothing more on a Sunday or in the evening than checking out all my fave blogs (and simultaneously playing poker.) I dont have children so luckily its only Tim that gets ignored! lol

  7. You have read my mind! Sometimes I feel guilty for not having time to read all the blogs I follow but I follow about 250 - who has the time?!

  8. Hi Mary - I closed my blog down in the run-up to Christmas because my laptop was taking over my life. I miss the contact with some of the 'friends' that I had made but actually feel that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I have achieved so much more over the past couple of months (in spite of having been quite unwell), and both Husband and children have received far more of my time and attention. I appreciate that this was an extreme measure but my life (and household) are happier and more organised as a result.

  9. I don't have children, so i can only neglect my love. At the moment he is watching Wealer Dealers and is totally o.k. with the fact that I am behind my computer (which is in the same room). I spend most of my time there when he is at work though. I am on fb and twitter, but I hardly use it. I use most of my computer time for my blog and to read other blogs.
    If you think you should spend less because YOU think you should, it's o.k.
    I don't think you and the other ladies should be talked into thinking that you are not good mothers because you spend time behind the computer.

  10. Being a single gal and living alone I probably don't have the same concerns as parents would towards their internet usage but I do worry sometimes that I become lazy because of it! My laptop is always on and I'm constantly kicking it into life to see if there's a new blog post in reader etc but equally I have moments like this week when I've barely glanced at the WWW because I've been out and about!!

    Like everyone seems to think it's all about balance!

    Victoria x

  11. I thought about this post a bit more after I'd commented and it occured to me that for folk who run online businesses, spending time on the internet is the equivalent of being at the office for a 'regular' job. It's just that being at home, you notice everything else that needs your time!


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