Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Mary Poppins Week....

Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring comments on my florals post and the wearing of them. I thought the comment from Shabbily By The Sea  was very touching...." If a hundred year old walled garden can can wear roses then why can't we? " So true Kristina.

Well I have been nosing at fashion magazines and actually it seems, florals are the *in* thing at the moment. Many of the catwalks have pretty florals gracing them and I enjoyed reading this post on Fashion Urbia  Hey blogettes, maybe we have started something with this floral thing ;0) As I mentioned, I love to wear the floral cardigan I photographed in my last post, and here I am wearing it. I don't post photographs of me often, so please be gentle....

I was featured in a lovely magazine that is local to my area and surrounding towns and villages. The article was about blogging and my love of handmaking what I call my pretties I use the word a lot, I think I first used it on my blog here gosh one of my first posts back in 2008. I really enjoyed chit chatting with the friendly editor of the magazine at my home, and I have to say, I have had lovely feedback ( even my super postman said he enjoyed reading it ) I was quite tickled that my photograph, on the contents page, was bigger than Sir Alex Ferguson's  ;0)

It actually has been somewhat of a Mary Poppins week, first my little article in this months Tesco magazine, then on the same day as this magazine's release, I was on the television. It was the repeat of my Bargain Hunt episode, where I appeared as a contestant with my lovely friend  in 2009. I didnt realise it was on until it was nearly over, and some people who didnt get to see it first time round, said they really enjoyed it and it looked like we had a ball, we certainly did !! We even made it on to their 25th anniversary edition last year, those bloomin' candleabra's are famous I tell you....

So after all the lovely attention I have had, I am hoping for a quiet week, in my own little world, making pretties and getting on with life and all that it brings. I have been getting into more of a sunnier disposition, and holding off buying that light box as the sun has been a peeping on occassion, and very much lifting my mood. Though she is obviously a little shy and hasn't been back since. Come on Sun I miss you....
So back to the chine it is, I enjoyed making these pretties....:0)

Pretty cushions....

Sweet fabric covered notebooks....

And Oh so pretty bags....

Is it wrong that I want to keep everything I make ;0)

Hope you are having a good week whatever you are up to, going to go for a blog moochy to see what your news is....



  1. Now I know what you look like! You are a pretty yourself! And and becoming famous ;-)
    I am sorry I missed Bargain Hunt!
    I love all the pretties you made for you shop. I understand why you want to keep them.
    Take care.

  2. Oh wow! Lovely makes and the article looks great! I wish I could have seen it. The cardi looks gorgeous too! xxx

  3. Congratulations Mary on the articles! :-) How lovely. The cardigan is just perfect as well.

    Lovely makes 'pretties' as usual.

  4. What a lovely lovely blog you have, just stumbled across from Coco Rose... gorgeous makes with such pretty fabrics. Also a big congratulations for the magazine, looks great! jenny x

  5. Congratulations on the magazine article, you look great in your floral cardi. Very pretty pretties!

  6. Well done, you truly deserve it! I have the same cardigan as the one you are wearing, it is one of my favourites! x

  7. I've just stumbled across your blog from Coco Rose too! I am skip happy excited about your notebooks - they're stunning.

    Your feature is lovely too - I hope it brings you lots on business. I'm in awe of your lovely sewing machine.

    Claire x

  8. TV, magazines.... you're a starlet!!!

    Victoria xx

  9. Good on you! Its nice for other people to hear about you, and see you!

  10. What a fab week! I think you should offer a signed card with every order for an extra charge :-) No wonder you want to keep everything, so would I!

  11. Lovely things; I especially love the journal cover with the pink patchwork heart! I would want to keep everything too:)

  12. Amazing cushions and bags. I especially adore the cushion with the little red house. I make dolls and cushions, not hd a go at bags yet.

  13. Congratulations on the article, very exciting.

    I love the cushions especially the first one and the pink one


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