Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wit Wooo....

Are you an owl person, seems there are many, many about. Is it only me that has noticed pretty much every high street store has some sort of owl inspired pretty in it. Well, I say pretty, not sure, for me, if they really are, could it be those BIG eyes....

Here is a selection of what I have seen....

You can even get your little one to dress up as an owl....

Well of course, I like to give everything a little go, so I made a little owl doorstop,  handmade with pretty fabric and a little pink in there.

I don't know though, those eyes sometimes look like they are following me....

The owl, named Olive, was made for my make an item a month challenge, hosted by The Felt Fairy I kind of make things on a daily basis for my little folksy shop etc, but can't remember the last time I made something for me. So my personal challenge is to try and make one little item each month that is for keepsies.

I am so looking forward to making something else for the challenge using some of the lovely Kokka fabric I won for a giveaway hosted at Celtic Fushion Fabric's Blog The giveaway was if we could design our own fabric, what would we name it. I would so love to design my own fabric and have lots of ideas of what I would like my own designed fabric to look like. As for a name, I was thinking along the lines of whimsical, floaty, dreamy, so came up with " Wish Upon A Star" I was so overwhelmed to have won, and look some owl inspiration for me too.

So *owl* long do you think this owl thing shall be around for, do you like the owl look. I remember it first time round, was it last year or the year before, maybe it has never really gone away. 



  1. Love the owl and love the fabrics, bet you can't wait until they arrive!

  2. Love the owl! How are you getting on with your new sewing machine? Would love to hear as I'm thinking of upgrading xx

  3. Owls really are everywhere, I agree. I love them but you are definitely right that it's all about the eyes - that makes them cute or sinister! I had heard that foxes were the next big thing which would cheer me no end as I lurrrrve them. Well done on your pretty pink owl and your fabric win, have fun with it.
    Hen x

  4. Owls do seem to be everywhere at the moment! They are one of my favourite birds.... my blog name Athene Noctua even means Little Owl!
    I have that Owl cushion, he lives on our bed. I love it! x

  5. I Like Owls so its quite nice seeing them around and in shops! some are just too cute!

    Your door stop is a cutie too!

    Jade Xx

  6. Wonderful owls and I do like the one you made. * would imagine they will be around for a while yet.

  7. So sweet - one of my pupils turned up today wearing an owl-patterned 70s-style dress today (she's a small 8 year old). So yes, I am noticing the owls!

  8. Oh your little owl is so pretty, really girly, you could make a blue one now and call him Ollie

    All things nice...

  9. Your little pink owl is so sweet. I have been wanting to make myself something "owl-ish", and this is the best idea I have seen yet. Love the fabrics too!

  10. Love your owl! Very cute and great fabrics. Funnily enough, I made a little fluffy owlet last week. Definately an owl theme going on at the moment. They are everywhere! x

  11. Hi, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I can't believe that I've not found your blog before! I love it! Yes, definitely lots of owls around at the moment. Your's is adorable! Lynda xx


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