Monday, 24 January 2011

It Is The Little Things....

With me not really doing these January/February months, and craving the sunshine, I notice it is the little things in life that give me the little lift I need.

Doesn't life always seem better with painted nails....

I certainly feel a little brighter with my nail paint on. I can go weeks without wearing any, and then, when that first coat has been painted on, it's like I get a little spark of happiness and my hands feel all dressed up and ready for anything....

Ohooo dear, is it wrong to get a little giddy over nail polish ;0) I especially love this one I am wearing in the photograph, not so summery I agree, but takes me back to my wearing of Chanel's Rouge Noir, a dark mysterious red, boy I love that colour.

Though the price! Well, lets just say you could use the same amount to buy a small meal for 2, so now that my money habits have changed ( a little ) am always out for a bargain. I think the one I am wearing is called Ruby Gem and is by No17, much kinder on my pretty wallet.

Of course, you can't do your finger nails, without doing your toes too, I like to be all matching :0)



  1. I think I might paint my nails. It might cheer me up a little.

  2. Lovely!

    I love to wear nail polish too! Have you seen the special offer in Boots at the moment? Buy two bottles of diet coke and get a Nails Inc nail polish for free! There is a nice purple and red available!

  3. I desperately need to get my nails done this weekend they're looking a terrible mess but they are wearing Rouge Noir so I won't complain too much!

    Victoria xxx

  4. oo yes i always feel that much more finished off if my nails are done!!
    love the chanel colour.. but know what you mean about the price.. my fave ever mascara is from chanel but i really cant justify paying it but may have to save up as a treat!!!

  5. I always feel so much better when I have my nails painted too! I love that colour you've chosen, it's gorgeous :)

  6. I love to paint my nails too. I don't feel properly dressed without my nails done. Isn't it funny how we often choose the same colour over and over again. This time I went for a pearlescent white. I haven't worn that colour for a long time but it works and I'm loving it.

  7. Must just pop off & paint my nails!!
    I just tried a Plummy colour on my little finger & liked it soooo much I really have to paint the rest of my ickle fingers....


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