Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Do You Do It....

Valentine's that is....

It drives me crazy sometimes the high street commercialism of it all. As soon as Christmas is out of way and we are spent up, Oh no, we need to get our hard earned pennies out again and spend it on some tat, for the ones we love. I do wonder if I am a little hypocritical, as of course I sell pretty wares, and of course I promote certain items on a seasonal basis, so am I not a part if this commercialism. Though of course I would certainly like to think my items are not tat, and they have in no way been part of a manufactured run of things that just have no purpose whatsoever ( red, cheap looking plastic roses spring to mind )

I do think some of the Valentine's items available in stores are quite laughable, ( chocolate willies) though I guess if it does make one laugh then maybe that is alright. Laughter they say is good for the soul, and I do lurrrrvve chocolate :0) Though with Christmas, and my poor husband's wallet barely being closed, he then feels he has to dive in and get his money out, yet again for Valentines, and then of course soon there shall be Mother's Day. Do we WANT to do it, or do we feel we HAVE to do it, would it appear mean if there were no gifts upon Mother's breakfast trays, no valentine's treats declaring our love.... I think a sweet hand drawn painting , a big squeeze from the children, perhaps a little inexpensive handmade with love gift, means so much more than anything one could buy in a high street shop.

So, for me, I shall be looking here for an inexpensive gift for my man, and I shall be asking him if he really wants to spend his pennies to spend them there too. I remember being single and I used to quite dislike Valentine's, all these lovey dovey people holding hands and smooching and oohing and ahhing ( of which I am now perhaps, on a good day, one of those people )

Bless my mum, she always used to send me a card, even when I was living at home, would address it, post it and put a big ? on it....

I think to this day, she doesn't realise I knew they were from her ;0)



  1. Yes, I do agree - so many traditional events have been turned into an excuse to flog any themed tat to the masses. It's the little things that really count.
    I saw rows and rows of easter eggs on sale in Asda the other day - it's not even Spring yet!

  2. I hate the over commercialisation of any occasion. Think I blogged last year about valentines day.

    Anyhow we do exchange cards and sometimes chocs but no nasty cheap tat which is just imported from China and will end up in landfill.

  3. I do agree Valentines Day seems so over the top and I hate all those Horny Devil teddies that are in abundance in Clinton Cards!

    I have a "faux husband" and we celebrate by getting a takeaway or going out to dinner and may by each other a little something if the mood takes us!

    Victoria xx

  4. Halmark must be laughing all the way to the bank!
    We had Easter eggs in shops here in Australia right after Christmas! It is early this year but not this early!

  5. Nah, we give it a miss.....if you love someone you love them all the year long....not just on this set aside day!
    Plus it gives more time for Ollys wallet to recover, ready for my birthday in April!

    Love Melxx

  6. My mom renamed Valentine's day into Children's day (her children of cause) some years ago. As a counterpart to mother's and father's day. She would send us a card and buy a little gift.

    I will sent a card sister and my love will get one. No gifts though.

  7. We don't really do valentines here as it is too commercial, however if I thought my hubby would buy me a handmade gift I may get into it again :-)

  8. My husband and I love to celebrate St Valentines, I am lucky enough that the day is also my birthday AND my mums birthday so it is one huge celebration!
    I think you should show your partner you love them every second of every day but I love to give him a gift just to remind him and St Vals is the perfect excuse! x

  9. Those cushions look gorgeous - I bet my hubby makes me something just like that - NOT!!! Everything is commercialised now days :-(

  10. haha, my mum sends me a card too x

  11. I've never been keen on Valentine's Day. Me and my husband don't usually bother with presents - although a few years ago he bought me a large bottle of Bombay Sapphire which was most welcome!


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