Friday, 28 January 2011

Can You Be Too Old For Florals....

Thank you for all the owl comments in my last post, those eyes are still watching me ;0)

So, this post has a floral theme, and I am wondering, should there be an age limit on wearing florals. My favourite buy from the sales ( I think was £7.00) and which I love to wear is this pretty and very CK esque little cardigan, I wear it with skinny jeans, with not so skinny jeans, with skirts and tights, and as the sun is out today *YIPPEE* soon hopefully I shall be wearing it with my little shabby denim summer skirts and flip flops, wishful thinking perhaps....

Anyway here she is....

I rather like it don't you. Anyway the florals straight away jumped out and me and I promptly went over to the desk and handed my money over. Roll on a week or so, and whilst have a lazy Sunday morning stumbled upon Hollyoaks on the television. Hollyoaks always takes me back, as I remember going for an audition to be in it when it first came out all those years ago, anyway am digressing. Whilst kind of watching ( yes I am embarrassed ) one of the characters, a character age of maybe 17/18 was wearing this exact same cardigan. It looked very nice on her, and then got me thinking.

Am I told old to be wearing florals, should there be an upper age limit, like the wearing of skirts above ones knee, is the wearing of florals a little, how can I put it, kind of childish. Only suitable for those age 5 and under. Can I ever be taken seriously wearing such pretty floral prints.

Well I am in love with them and I would say every single day somehow, somewhere,  I wear some form of floral, whether it be my earrings....

Or even my shoes....

There is always a floral in there. Interiors wise I think you can get away with florals, though again can it be overdone ? I am so inspired by Alice Whately's lovely book In Bloom....helps you get it just right with the floral decor.

Make do and mend....

Simple chic....

Feminine florals....

New romantic....

Pretty prints....

But when it comes to actually gracing ourselves with florals, well is it a bit too much. For me, enough is never enough and until I am told otherwise, I shall keep bringing those floral frocks out of the wardrobe ( yes, even at my age ) I would so love this little number to be pulled out of it one day....

Or is that taking it a bit too far at my age....



  1. I really hope there isn't an upper age limit for wearing florals as I'd have to chuck out my entire wardrobe and start again. I wear florals every day, and love it. Wear them with pride, and I bet you look every bit as lovely in the cardi as the 17 year old did.
    Cathy X

  2. I love a floral cardie! Infact I have my floral jumper on today, I think as long as you keep everything else simple you can get away with it! That said, I have been known to mix my floral prints!! xx

  3. Mary, I don't know how old you are and even if I did, I'd be saying a great big "No there's not an age limit!" in answer to your question :-)
    Florals are for girls, women, ladies - no matter what age - they belong to us!
    Clothes would be oh so very boring without a flower or two ...
    I love your purchase :-)
    Denise x

  4. I certainly hope there isn't an upper age limit for florals either or I'd have to invest in a new wardrobe. I do think that a lot of non-floral people think of florals as beeing for kids and old ladies but who cares what they think! Wear them with pride, I say! xx

  5. I was looking at a beige floral cardie in Peacocks. I'd wear it with jeans too, I'm 42 by the way. So go for it!

  6. I would say no age limit.....if a hundred year old walled garden can can wear roses then why can't we?
    Keep blooming lovely Mary,
    Love Kristina xxx

  7. I'm on my way over now to steal that dress away from you! It may take some time though as I am 132.


  8. You're never too old for florals!! NEVER EVER!!!!! :)

  9. I love florals, although I don't own that many floral things in the home. No clothes at all, I'm afraid.
    I think you should wear what you like. I am getting old enough to stop worrying what other people think of me LOL.
    BTW I have the book on my wish list .

  10. No age limit, in my opinion. I love florals too. I am now in the granny stage of my life so I suppose it's just fine to be wearing florals again but hey, the florals are high fashion at the moment. Shall I mention CK? so enjoy it while you can, which is forever... x

  11. The cardi is gorgeous! And florals have no age - wear them with a smile xx

  12. I saw that very same dress in Cath K today, the fabric is so divine. I think you should wear whatever you want, I still wear loads of florals and don't really care what others think. I do tend to team say, one floral thing with plain skirt or trousers and vice versa so it's not such an overload. You're never too old...
    Hen x

  13. I love florals....had a very nice pair of smart grey trousers on today with a floral sweater, sort of twin set stylie....complete with CK bag.....slightly over the top, but somehow it worked!
    I've always dressed like that, even when its not fashionable, cos I've always like the 40's 50's you look just right wear some super cute clothes(with adult flair and attention to detail) and kind of remind me of the women from Glee.....I LOVE her style!

    Love Melxxx

  14. I have that cardi in the cream colourway and wore it lots and lots last summer. Everyone said how it suited me (although this may be because they saw me in it so often!) .... I'm 37 nearly 38 ... and would so love that dress.

  15. Oh Mary! I remember your friends wedding photo, where you looked uber glam & far too young for your age - totally summing up the yummy mummy look...

    Enjoy your florals, I'm sure you will rock them out (so long as you are not all false tan & hair extensions aka Hollyoaks!)


  16. I hope there isn't an age limit either as I love my florals & I'm wearing a floral dress today!
    It is something that has crossed my mind before too though, then I poo poo it as I love them.
    My name is Alison
    I'm 36
    I love wearing florals!

  17. I adore pretty floral things, and think you can never be too old to wear the things that make you happy!!
    Love the cardi, and you know what they say -"Florals rule ok!!"

    Sharon xx

  18. I don't think there's an upper age limit, although I find it maks me personally look frumpy. I'd love to work the floaty summer dress look, but I'm more of an edgy black pencil skirt/blouse and dark glasses kind of gal! :-)

  19. No way! Florals are for everyone!! You wear that cardi with pride Miss Mary.

  20. Definitely not! Love the cardigan it is so pretty and the dress are gorgeous.

  21. Florals are elegant, I say wear whatever you like. My gran always wore florals and she was over 80 when she passed away. They are feminine, pretty and stylish.

    All things nice...

  22. Hey there, 30-something Mary Poppins, of course not , why should you be too old to wear florals.As nowadays 50 is the new 30, I would say 30 is the new 17 so you have JUST go the right age for that outfit!! :-)))

  23. No, of course not! You can wear anything so long as it suits you and it makes you feel good. I really like that cardigan but it probably wouldn't look good on me as I just look so much better in plain fabrics.

  24. It's not what we wear, it's how we wear it I say! Anything goes in my book, particulary florals, but it's how I put it together. My niece can wear the short floral dress just as is, whilst I at 20+ years older can wear it with cut offs and a little plain cardi. If it makes me happy and I don't look like a clown wearing it then that's good enough for me. Love the piccies from the books by the way. xx

  25. I don't think there's any age limit to wearing florals. They look fab on everyone. Your cardigans so pretty, wear it and sod the 'we all look exactly the same' girls in Hollyoaks, lol x

  26. It used to be that only old ladies wore florals, so I wouldn't worry about any kind of age parameters! If you dress authentically, you will look fabulous. Personally I don't think there are enough flowers on clothing. You go girl!

  27. I love that cardie! I have such an unhealthy obsession with both florals and cardigans lately. I never used to wear anything colourful or girlie but my style and tastes have changed so much in the last year or so! Definitely no age limit on wearing florals - I think the way you accessorise and wear them can make the biggest difference x


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