Sunday, 19 December 2010



I love my slippers and probably have maybe 4 pairs on the go, I like them to be pretty, warm, comfortable, and these are my favourites.

So when Clifford James, offered a pair of slippers to try out, I thought perhaps, maybe....

However when I perused the ladies collection on offer, I didn't really think any were, mmmmm, how can I put it, quite me.  The men's slipper collection excited me a little more, and as I was offered a pair from either collection, thought a nice pair of men's slippers would make a lovely Christmas present for the husband, whose own slippers were looking a little well worn to say the least.  There was quite a nice selection on offer I thought, and was quite taken with these.

I also liked the idea of comfort too, so thought these wool lined leather Moccasin's would be perfect, stylish, comfortable and warm too. Being some what of a fuss pot, thought would get Mr. P's approval before ordering and he thought the Moccasin's would be fine and looked forward to getting them.

I have to say the service and delivery were excellent and the slippers arrived the next day after ordering, something I wasn't expecting. I wasn't sure whether to tell Mr. P they had come, just wrap them up and pop under the tree. Well, I thought he better try them on, in case the fit was not quite right. We ordered his normal size and as luck would have it, these really are a little small, and especially as a narrow fitting, are not destined to be owned by my husband. The look and feel of the slipper is very nice and I think are very stylish. If ordering a pair I would certainly advise ordering a size up perhaps, or at least bear in mind that the slipper does come up quite small. So yes, they are wrapped, and under the tree. ( Which has been happily decorated by the family, and I am no longer a bah humbug ) We are yet to see who they are destined for, my brother? no he has quite wide feet, my Father in Law? a possibility. Until then, at least they look pretty in their Christmas paper, waiting to fly off to a new home :0)


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  1. Oooh they are lovely and look super comfy, its slipper time too isnt it?


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